Posterino 3.2 now available on Mac App Store featuring new Mosaic-Crop

[] Ulm, Germany – Posterino 3, Zykloid Software’s latest iteration of its popular custom collage app, is now available to download from the Mac App store. The latest version facilitates the creation of beautiful photo collages with a number of new features. Users can expect more flexibility, improved workflow and easy sharing. The results are expert collages produced by simple mouse clicks.

Version 3.2 now adds a new feature called “Mosaic-Crop”: Select a set of image frames and Drag & Drop an image on top of the section. The dropped image’s crop runs over all chosen frames.

Much has changed since Posterino 2.0, and those customers who provided feedback should be very pleased by the user-friendly updates. Adding, removing or creating image objects now instantly re-layouts the document for better workflow. Customization of those layouts is greatly enhanced by the addition of new frames, backgrounds and templates – including a unique circular option. New grid lines ease image placement for those who prefer to go the manual route. Improvements to the crop workflow allow for the creation of a persistent crop state.

Retina display owners will like that Posterino 3.0 is now compatible. A sleek interface and larger workspace adapts well to those working on MacBooks. One can edit in full screen mode, and quickly tailor images with built-in filters for black & white, sepia, sharpening and more. Lastly, once collages are complete, users can share on social media or send e-cards with individualized stamps and postmarks from within the app. Posterino 3.0 truly makes the world one’s gallery.

About Posterino:
Posterino is the ideal app for casual users and professional photographers alike who want to create beautiful photo collages from postcard to poster size. Collages are designed in minutes with Posterino’s variety of stylish templates featuring grids of identical or odd sized image boxes one can easily customize for size and shape. With a single click, the application automatically fills those boxes with random images drawn from selected albums in iPhoto, Aperture, Lightroom and other compatible programs. Or if users prefer to manually select images, they can simply drag and drop them into the template. Layout adjustments are automatically made. The result is a beautiful collage ready to be printed.Posterino 3.0
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Headquartered in beautiful Ulm, Germany, Zykloid Software is an independent software vendor founded by Christoph Priebe in 2004. With a focus on the Mac platform, Zykloid’s mission is to develop unique and user-friendly applications. Copyright 2004-2015 Zykloid Software. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, Mac OS X and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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