Post Apocalyptic and Brutal: premium zombie action RPG for iOS out now

[] London, United Kingdom – Hell Tap Entertainment LTD today is proud to announce the release of Post Apocalyptic and Brutal 1.0, the post apocalyptic, zombie mutilating RPG for iOS devices. Post Apocalyptic and Brutal emerges from a shower of gore and a pile of bodies as a faster, stronger, better and more capable killing machine! Post Apocalyptic and Brutal is the product of extensive player feedback, honing and overhauling existing gameplay features to produce the definitive version of the third person slaughterfest so far!

With Post Apocalyptic and Brutal, iOS users will enjoy a premium, all in one experience, free of adverts, or any reference to freemium mechanics, where one purchase delivers the complete Post Brutal package: This includes FaceRoom and VoiceRoom, allowing players to put themselves into the game, and the story campaign, for the most immersive and crafted experience Post Brutal offers. The premium version will be ready to play offline from the moment it’s downloaded, and also includes the ‘Salvage Doubler’ feature, to help players with scavenging in the zombie infested, post apocalypse.

New Features Include:
* Extensive graphical update, including all new, high resolution Afflicted zombie character models, updated NPC models and textures, and updated environment textures for improved detail
* Completely redesigned ranged combat to be as simple and intuitive as point and shoot
* Streamlined movement system for more responsive controls
* More robust, varied and detailed character creator with FaceRoom
* Improved face mapping in FaceRoom
* First person Sniper Scope feature for specialist ranged weapons
* Optimised system performance
* Increased level cap to 30
* Demolitions skill allows the player to plant proximity mine traps to launch enemies into fiery explosions
* Covert renewable missions for stealth based objective gameplay on demand
* Turret missions for players who want to take the defense of Pristine into their own hands
* Medic skill and overhauled health mechanics for more engaging and immersive combat
* New achievements and side missions
* A host of bug fixes and game rebalancing

About Post Brutal:
Post Brutal is an ultraviolent 3D action RPG set in a ruined and war torn city under quarantine. The population of City Zero have been driven mad by ‘The Event’, and those that remain are in a desperate war for survival against the monstrous Afflicted, and each other. Players take the role of a post-apocalyptic survivor as themselves; using their mobile device camera and microphone, players can give their character their own face and record dialogue for in game conversations with other survivors, making this zombie apocalypse truly personal.

The limbs will fly and the blood will splatter as players master intense melee and ranged combat, utilising a range of weapons from household tools, to military grade hardware and even near future tech. With up to 30 skill levels (and counting), abilities like stealth, lock picking, and the time slowing Adrenaline Rush let players take on missions their way, with multiple solutions and choices to make. Each choice has a repercussion in City Zero, and the struggle to survive can only be post-apocalyptic and brutal.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
* Requires iOS 8.1 or later
* 1.99 GB

Pricing and Availability:
With a mature age rating, Post Apocalyptic and Brutal 1.0 is only $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide through the App Store in the Games category. Prior free versions of the game will remain available for players who wish to try before they buy. For more information, please contact Mel Georgiou.Post Apocalyptic and Brutal 1.0
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