Post a desire on the KunFayaKun app and grab the best deals

The digital world and its various facets of advancement have introduced us to a world full of convenience and new experiences. You ask for a desire and get it fulfilled the very moment or the very next day. All of this is possible due to the availability of apps that facilitate your daily life. A number of apps let you fulfill your wishes through its various products and services. One such novel app is KunFayaKun.

The KunFayaKun app functions in a very simple manner. You, the consumer role, post a desire on the app and then find the best deals that come as offers from the Angel Present. Likewise, it helps its users fill their day to day desires using their outstanding platform. It gives an appropriate platform for its users to search for any desire. It does this by bringing both the Angels and the consumers to one common platform.

It gives an unmatched online desire-fulfillment experience to its users. The KunFayaKun app understands the value of consumer desires and the need to fulfill them at affordable prices. Thus, the design and features of the app ensure that its users can easily look for it online without going too far. It also provides a reliable, trustworthy, and convenient platform to search and browse anything and everything in the users’ locality. The interface of the app provides a simple path to connect with the Angels in the nearby area.

After you have decided to seek your desire online, you will have to fill in some important details on the app. You can begin by sharing your requirements, location, desires, distance range, time, etcetera. Later, all you have to do is wait for the Angels to come up with their offers on the best offer sharing app. You can share your desire in multimedia format, that is, in the form of a video, image, or text. This feature makes the app much more convenient for both the consumers and the Angels.

Your journey at the KunFayaKun ecosystem is not difficult from here. well, it never was. You can start by signing in on the app using your Gmail account, Apple account, or your Facebook ID. You will then be led to the homepage of the app where you need to add and post your desire for the ANgels to go through it. You are aslo asked to add the required distance range within which you would want to make a purchase. Now, you wait for the Angels to come up with the best deals and offers.

The app is incredible as it provides a number of valuable features for discovering desires on its platform. These features are ease of posting the desires, choosing the required price range, determining the distance range, and a few other details. After posting the desire, the consumers can wait until they get some good offers from Angel’s end. They can keep checking the relevant offers posted by the Angels in the Angels Present section.

Angel Role on this app is the ones who are there to offer their products or services to the consumer role. In return, they look for a substantial monetary value. They are allowed to view the desire posted by the consumers within a radius of 10-15 miles. After thoroughly going through the posted desires, Angels can come up with their best offers for a good sum of money. They are allowed to provide their service or product by firstly describing it on the app in the form of a video, image

It must be noted that while adding a desire, no consumer can ask for ‘sexual, copyright, or violent’ content. Both parties can chat on the app’s in-built chatbox. If the consumer likes a product and is interested in buying it then he or she needs to click on the “Love”, “$” sign. They can also block the offer by clicking the “X” sign. All these actions can be viewed by the Angels on their end of the app.

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