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[prMac.com] Lake Dallas, Texas – Long time Mac evangelist Ray Barber today is pleased to announce that MacScripter, the popular AppleScripting community for scripting enthusiasts, has been acquired by Late Night Software. The website will continue to serve as a community for Mac users to discuss all topics related to macOS automation.

MacScripter was founded in 1999 and is a well-respected resource for Mac users of all experience levels. The site has long served as a popular way for Mac users who use AppleScript and other scripting languages to share their knowledge.

“I’m proud that MacScripter has long served as a familiar place for Mac users to find information concerning macOS automation, including AppleScript, Automator, and JavaScript for Automation,” says MacScripter founder Ray Barber. “The community is populated by a friendly group of scripters who are always willing to share their knowledge with others.”

The MacScripter forum has steadily grown over the years, and today boasts nearly 30,000 members and a post archive tallying 175,000 posts and growing. Links to MacScripter can be found in almost any article that discusses macOS automation.

“Users will be in great hands. Mark plans to keep MacScripter more or less as it is,” continues Ray. “The site will continue to be a place to discuss topics related to macOS automation in a technology and product agnostic environment. Thanks to everyone and happy scripting!”

MacScripter Highlights Include:
* Register and post questions absolutely free
* Easily find and sort posts to commonly asked questions
* Direct support for the Applescript Protocol Link
* An excellent community of top-notch scripters; ready to help
* unScripted: An excellent library of tutorials about scripting
* AppleScript Sourcebook: A historical perspective on AppleScripting, and frequently asked questions

Late Night Software owner Mark Alldritt assures MacScripter the resource will remain an independent resource for the Mac scripting community. In addition to continuing Ray Barber’s original vision of providing resources to Mac users, Alldritt plans on offering support for iOS 12 now that Apple’s venerable mobile operating system offers automation via the new Shortcuts app.

The automation of Apple products is currently seeing a resurgence. Alldritt believes the release of Shortcuts in iOS 12 suggests that Apple has become serious about automation on its mobile devices. He feels the change will spur users to look for ways to automate their Macs as well, representing a great opportunity for MacScripter to grow and become relevant to a new audience.

MacScripter has long been known for its treasure chest full of resources, including Code Exchange, unScripted, the AppleScript Sourcebook, and much more. Going forward, key long-time contributors – chief among them Shane Stanley and Nigel Garvey – will remain with the site, continuing to help it serve the Mac scripting community.

“This is all a testament to Ray’s vision in creating MacScripter.net, and to his support of the site over the years,” says Mark. “MacScripter will remain more or less as it is. It will continue to be a place to discuss topics related to macOS automation in a technology and product agnostic environment. MacScripter is a key piece of the macOS automation landscape and it needs to be preserved. I would suggest MacScripter is second only to Apple’s own AppleScript-Users mailing list.”

Pricing and Availability:
MacScripter is completely free and open to all. The resource is advertiser driven and donations are graciously accepted.MacScripter

Headquartered in Lake Dallas Texas, MacScripter was a property of GeekSuit LLC, a leading evangelist for the Mac platform since 1999. Established in January 1999, GeekSuit strives to provide innovative, affordable solutions that enhance the Mac experience in some unique way. prMac, MacDeveloper, iBetaTest and Client Folder Maker are also owned and founded by GeekSuit LLC. All Material and Software (C) Copyright 2018 GeekSuit LLC. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, OS X, iOS and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.

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