Pomfort Unveils New iOS App: PocketControl for ARRI Cameras

[prMac.com] Munich, Germany – Pomfort, a leading provider of professional software solutions for digital media assets and color management on the film set, today launched their new iOS app: PocketControl for ARRI Cameras. PocketControl is the first iOS app that enables users to remotely monitor and control their ARRI Alexa Mini and ARRI AMIRA camera from their iPad or iPhone. The app connects to the camera via Wifi, and uses ARRI’s Camera Access Protocol (CAP) to give users remote access to the camera functions. By remotely monitoring and adjusting the camera settings, the implementation of camera decisions becomes faster and more responsive.

All camera settings are clearly arranged into one overview within the app, so it only takes users seconds to find all the information they are looking for. Changes that are made directly in the camera menu are instantly visible inside the app to ensure users can monitor any updates from a distance.

Besides the monitoring of settings, PocketControl furthermore enables users to actively control the camera from afar. Settings such as shutter and ND filter can be conveniently changed within the app, and recording can be started and stopped remotely. This way camera decisions can be realized instantly, no matter where on the film set the camera is located.

The app’s look management features additionally make it possible to display and alter looks remotely from the iPad or iPhone. Looks that are stored in the camera can be applied through the app and customized by the user via CDL grading. The customized look is instantly applied to the live image and stored in the recorded footage.

“We always strive to provide our customers with new tools that help them with their tasks on set in an easy and reliable way – and that’s what we also had in mind when we developed PocketControl”, says Patrick Renner, Product Manager at Pomfort. “Being able to access camera settings from your iPhone and adjust parameters and looks remotely from within the app provides users with more control and flexibility. It also directly connects the operators with the information they need, so that at the end of the day the team can be sure to achieve the best shooting results.”

PocketControl for ARRI Cameras comes as a free download that includes the monitoring features of the app. The control functionalities can be added via an in-app purchase.

Features in PocketControl:

Free Download:
Monitoring of camera settings: EI / ASA, Sensor FPS, White Balance, exposure, ND Filter and look processing config for EVF and SDI
Automatic update of settings when changes are made within the camera

In-App Purchase:
* Change of camera settings: EI / ASA, Sensor FPS, White Balance, exposure, ND Filter and look processing config for EVF and SDI
* Start and stop of recording from within the app
* Display of list of looks stored in the camera
* Refinement of looks: Change of contrast and pivot, altering of color temperature and tint
* Saving of altered looks inside the camera

Pricing and Availability:
PocketControl for ARRI Cameras is available as a free download in the app store. The free download includes all monitoring capabilities of the app. The control features of PocketControl can be added via an in-app purchase after download. The in-app purchase is available for $169.99 USD. PocketControl currently works with the ARRI Alexa Mini and ARRI Amira cameras with SUP 5.1 or newer. For iPhone and iPad, iOS version 9 or newer is required.Pomfort
PocketControl for ARRI Cameras (v1.0.1)
Download from iTunes
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