Pomfort Announces New Silverstack 6.2 and Silverstack Lab 6.2 Update

[prMac.com] Munich, Germany – Pomfort, a leading provider of professional software solutions for digital media assets and color management on the film set, today released a new update to Silverstack and Silverstack Lab. The new 6.2 update includes an improved management of copy and transcoding jobs, and enhanced transcoding functionalities amongst a variety of other productivity improvements.

With Silverstack 6.2 and Silverstack Lab 6.2, copy and transcoding jobs can be reordered and suspended more flexibly than before. Whereas traditionally, changing the job order required the user to first abort all jobs before newly arranging them, the order can now easily be adjusted via drag and drop. New jobs can be added and prioritized by dragging them into the right queue. Similarly, jobs that are already running can be suspended and resumed later by moving them down in the job list. This gives the DIT more flexibility to quickly adapt to changing situations and urgent requirements at the film set.

Additionally, the new update also comes with further enhancements to the transcoding functionalities in Silverstack Lab. As the new ‘end-to-end’ data management solution, Silverstack Lab integrates dailies creation into the data management process. From the assets in the clip library, users can transcode clips to multiple formats and multiple resolutions at the same time. This way, transcoded clips become available very quickly in different resolutions.

With Silverstack Lab 6.2 the transcoding process becomes even faster, as significant speed improvements to the transcoding engine are added. The improvements include in particular the performance for the formats SONY RAW and Phantom Cine. Additionally, the transcoding speed of clips with LUTs or burn-ins applied is seeing great improvements as well.

Besides a faster transcoding, users of Silverstack Lab 6.2 also have the option to choose the ‘combined clip’ transcoding functionality when creating dailies. By selecting this feature during the transcoding process, multiple single clips will be transcoded to one combined clip. This one combined clip can then easily be shared with viewing devices, such as iPads, and reviewed directly at the film set.

“The combined clip transcoding is a feature which we’re very happy to see getting implemented!”, says Edwin Maier from German public broadcasting station Bayerischer Rundfunk. “We always need to screen the shooting material right at the end of each shooting day. With the combined clip, we can now finally playback and navigate through all sequences in one single file. This really makes things much easier for us.”

New Features and Enhancements in Silverstack 6.2 and Silverstack Lab 6.2:
* Flexible reordering and suspension of copy and transcoding jobs
* Transcoding speed improvements for Phantome Cine RAW and SONY RAW camera formats, as well as faster transcoding with LUTs and burn-ins in Silverstack Lab
* Combined clip transcoding in Silverstack Lab
* Added support for Cinema RAW Light (.CRM) and KineRAW (.KRW)
* Library export to Drylab Creator
* General productivity improvements, such as easy copy and paste of looks with shortcuts, and renaming of custom metadata fields

System requirements:
* Intel Mac with Mac OS X 10.10 or higher

Pricing and Availability:
Silverstack 6.2 and Silverstack Lab 6.2 can be purchased as a yearly subscription for USD 599 / EUR 549 (Silverstack) and USD 899 / EUR 849 (Silverstack Lab). Pomfort also offers rental prices for the duration of 14 days / one month / two months. Silverstack 6.2 and Silverstack Lab 6.2 are available at Pomfort’s web store and through Pomfort’s authorized resellers worldwide. 14-day trial versions are available as a free download.Pomfort
Silverstack 6.2
Silverstack Lab 6.2
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