PocketCluster – A Simple Approach for Big Data Experiences on OS X

[prMac.com] Seoul, Korea, Republic Of – Independent developer, Sung-Taek Kim is proud to announce PocketCluster, an OSX BigData application, has been updated to version 0.1.2 on Saturday Nov. 21, 2015. Compared to existing developer sandboxes, PocketCluster is designed to provide a simple approach to build and operate multi-nodes Hadoop environments on OSX. It provides graphical user interfaces only in installation and operation processes. PocketCluster lets you build and operate an up-to 6 nodes Hadoop cluster with Raspberry PI 2 or a 3 nodes cluster with Vagrant.

With the simple approach to operate multi-nodes Hadoop environment, PocketCluster helps you accelerate in two use cases:
* Conduct quick experiments on Hadoop to test a hypothesis
* Gain experience on a multi-nodes Hadoop environment on OSX

* Up-to 6 nodes Hadoop cluster with Raspberry PI 2
* 3 nodes Hadoop cluster with Vagrant
* Start and stop HDFS & YARN service from OSX top menu bar
* Cluster status indicator on OSX top menu bar
* Hadoop Environment Shell

This version has been anticipated since Makezine and MagPi (issue #38) have covered PocketCluster’s Raspberry PI 2 Cluster enclosure in September, 2015.

Device Requirements:
* Requires OSX 10.11 or later
* Raspberry PI 2

Pricing and Availability:
PocketCluster 0.1.2 is free, and is available worldwide through the PocketCluster blog in combination with video tutorials. There are no in-app purchases.PocketCluster 0.1.2
Direct Download
Youtube Tutorial (Raspberry PI 2)
Youtube Tutorial (Vagrant)
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