PlayerDuel’s SDK Now Supports Both iPhone and iPad

[] Palo Alto, California – PlayerDuel a Palo Alto based company was one of the finalists at The Next Web Startup Rally Conference. At the Conference they launched an SDK that lets iOS game developers easily and rapidly add a competitive layer to their single-player games.

The first version was great, says Yaniv Presler CEO of PlayerDuel. But still we got lots of requests from developer to build our platform as a white label solution so they will be able to customize our platform with their own creative. So, that’s what we did!

We quietly launched the second version of PlayerDuel and more than 250 game developers signed up and downloaded our SDK. PlayerDuel has just announced that their SDK supports iPad games as well.

The new version has proven to be much more powerful than the first one and developers experienced significant increase in downloads after integrating it.

PlayerDuel is a platform that can turn single-player mobile games into “play with friends” games.
Most of the mobile games today are built for single-player use. This is done mostly because of the complexity of developing a social game, together with the limitation of the game-plot. The latest success of social games like: Word with friends, Scramble with friends, Draw Something and Song Pop has proven that social games are more attractive for the players.

In PlayerDuel, we believe that every game can be social, and every game can allow friends to play together.
We provide a layer on top of mobile games, that the game developers can integrate inside their games. The integration is super easy.

PlayerDuel increases the user-retention (players come back to the game – more money), virality (more download – more money) and revenue of the games that use it.PlayerDuel

PlayerDuel was founded by Yaniv Presler and Nir Markus in 2011. It is based in Silicon Valley, California and working on additional features and games to be added to the platform. It’s vision is that every time a player opens a game and sees the PlayerDuel logo inside, he will know that he is not alone and can play with friends. Copyright (C) 2012 PlayerDuel. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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