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[] Minsk, Belarus – Ultralab Apps today is happy to announce the release of Plans! Your Perfect Feed 1.0.0 for iOS, the latest addition to their range of feature-rich tools for social media enthusiasts and professionals. Plans! Your Perfect Feed was created specifically to help Instagram users preview and map out their feed to see how good individual posts match together and to maintain a consistent and recognizable style. With Plans! it’s incredibly easy to keep one’s Instagram updates organized, schedule posts and draft captions, shuffle around feed images with intuitive gestures to achieve a perfect overall feed look.

The first thing anyone sees when checking out a new Instagram profile is the feed, and whether it is stylish and attractive mostly decides if he’s going to follow. So it’s very important for active Instagram users that aim for a wider audience, and especially for those who do it for a living – bloggers, influencers, brands – to make a good impression at the first glance. Plans! was designed to help users convey their signature style and aesthetics through meticulously chosen images that comprise a feed that looks attractive and professional. The app boasts many useful features that take the trouble out of maintaining a consistent Instagram presence:

* Visual feed editor. The feed can be designed and then previewed exactly the way others will see it prior to sharing new posts. intuitive drag and drop feature allows users to toss the images around until they’re happy with the result.

* Ready to share content. Even an experienced Instagrammer sometimes faces a creative crisis when it’s time to post a new update. With Plans! it’s no longer an issue! Users can upload and bulk edit multiple images, work on captions, and save content for later so that everything they need is one tap away when it’s time to post. Batching images saves lots of time that can be spent on other important things, such as engagement.

* Thought out captions. Users can take as much time as needed to note down and rewrite perfect captions for each post in Plans! Handy Templates section allows to save and reuse bits of thoughts, favorite quotes, and the most used hashtags.

* Scheduled posts and reminders. A date and time for each post can be set inside the app depending on the users preferences and how often the feed needs to be updated. It’s also possible to schedule multiple posts at once by setting an interval (once a day, every 3 days, etc). The app will send a push notification when the time for a next post is near, which is a real lifesaver for the forgetful!

The app will be frequently updated to include sophisticated analytics, an ability to check out detailed statistics for each post, track user engagement, etc.

Device requirements:
* iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
* Requires iOS 9.0 or later
* 17.7 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Plans! Your Perfect Feed 1.0.0 is currently on promotional sale and is available for Free worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Photo & Video category. For more information, please contact Yevgeny Valuev.Ultralab Apps
Plans! Your Perfect Feed 1.0.0
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