Plan Well And Act Fast To Win Exciting Rewards On 20 Levels Mobile Game

[] Abu Dhabi, UAE – The best games are always rewarding. 0Sec LLC, the company behind the hugely popular online game 20 Levels and the newly launched e-commerce platform, Googly-I, has decided to make 20Levels even more challenging, as well as rewarding, by introducing new categories of prizes and unlimited challenges.

The exciting game features 20 different puzzles in every challenge that lead to exciting prizes, such as a Mystery Box or branded discount coupons. Players can select what they are competing for before they start a challenge, such as coupons from their favorite brands or the much-loved mystery box – a special Pandora’s box of valuable surprises.

Of course, everybody loves the Mystery Box – a combination of products packed together with no indication of the contents or their prices. The overall value of the items in the Mystery Box is much more than the total price one pays for the box, which, for the winners of 20 Levels, is absolutely free! However, for those who don’t like surprises, there is an option to choose vouchers from top brands in various categories for motivation to win the game.

Playing 20 Levels is exceptionally easy and fun. “We wanted to create an engaging game that tests the wits and motor skills of our users in a fun way and also rewards them for their excellent efforts,” says Huda Alenezi, Founder, 0Sec LLC. “In 20 Levels, users match colors and discounts in groups of three, smashing away the obstacles in their way to win some exciting goodies while engaging in some clean fun that also jogs their brain.”

With the New Year 2020, in sight, the company has added new coupons and Mystery Boxes for users. An important thing to note here is that the coupons and Mystery Boxes service are copyrighted and are available only at 0Sec LLC.

To play the game, users can download the app, login and enter any ongoing competition of their choice. Once the game begins, users compete against each other and the fastest player to complete all the 20 Levels walks away with a Mystery Box or brand discount coupons. The founder claims that the game is a test of alacrity, skill and intelligence and also fine-tunes the motor skills, owing to the planning and speed required to complete the game. Of course, practice makes a man perfect and that’s why there are ongoing competitions so that everybody is a winner someday in this exciting game.

Huda Alenezi created a unique and new way of rewarding in the Game industry so that players can also take part in surveys called ASK Me inside the game to win extra time and moves to complete the 20 levels. The cute little monster, HOO, who resides in 20 Levels is always up for test games to help users learn the ropes before they start competing against others to beef up their kitty by matching discounts or winning the Mystery Box.20Levels 1.0.11
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Formed to manage the popular online game, 20LEVELS, 0Sec developed ASK ME, a simple ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ survey platform within the 20LEVELS game platform. ASK ME was designed to pose surveys to game players in return for extra time, moves and other rewards while collecting precious insights for partners. The company also introduced a little monster character named HOO to the 20LEVELS game app. HOO has garnered a lot of fame since its launch and 0Sec is now launching a series of HOO-based games called HOO Island. The company is helmed by Huda A. Alenezi, an entrepreneur with expertise in online as well as retail environments.

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