Pixelnetica Adds Multi-Language Text Recognition to its iOS Scanner App

[prMac.com] Belgrade, Serbia – Pixelnetica updates SharpScan, an iOS app enabling iPhone and iPad users to use their mobile devices as handheld document scanners. Version 3.0 adds more languages to its optical character recognition engine, enables automatic upload of scanned documents into Dropbox accounts, and adds Box and Evernote cloud services to the list of supported upload accounts. Minor improvements include better user interface and better digital noise reduction.

OCR in 50 Languages:
SharpScan enables optical character recognition (OCR) of scanned text, converting pictures of documents and scanned images into flatbed quality PDF documents. The new OCR engine available in version 3.0 enables character recognition in more than 50 languages, adding the ability to process text in languages other than English. The new release enables OCR in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, and many other languages users may encounter. SharpScan 3.0 boosts the total number of recognizable languages to more than 50.

Automatic Dropbox Uploads:
Users maintaining Dropbox accounts can enjoy real-time, fully automated uploading of all documents scanned with SharpScan 3.0 straight into the cloud. By automatically uploading documents into Dropbox accounts, SharpScan 3.0 helps streamline business processes while dealing with the limited storage capacity of entry-level iOS models.

More Cloud Services:
SharpScan 3.0 enables the users to enjoy the convenience of their favorite cloud services by adding support for Box and Evernote accounts. By expanding the list of supported cloud services, SharpScan 3.0 helps streamline document processing and helps deal with limited available storage space in iOS devices.

Better Noise Reduction and Improved User Interface:
In version 3.0, SharpScan offers improved handling of digital camera noise, and provides better usability via small improvements of the user interface.

About SharpScan:
Produce true black-and-white, flatbed-quality PDF images out of ordinary snapshots in full auto mode! Replacing a flatbed scanner with a handheld mobile device has been a dream for generations of mobile users. While using a camera built into an iPhone or iPod may produce an OK snapshot in good lighting conditions, snapping a picture of a document with that iPhone does not produce a document quality image.

The small sensor packed with megapixels and combined with tiny optics produces images full of distortions, digital noise and optical aberrations. Handholding the device while snapping a flat sheet of paper introduces unwanted shadows and additional geometric distortions requiring complex algorithms to correct tilt, arbitrary rotation and 3D distortions, requiring users to spend time in dedicated editing software.

SharpScan is designed to take care of all these issues in full auto mode, producing high-quality documents that look just as if they were scanned with a conventional scanner. Flatbed-quality documents can now be produced on the go quickly with any iPhone or iPad.

Flatbed Quality PDF Documents:
SharpScan is the only mobile scanning app on the market creating compact black-and-white PDF images in flatbed scanner quality – as opposed to JPEG-compressed images produced by competition.

JPEG was never meant to be used on black-and-white text, charts and drawings, introducing annoying blocking and false color artefacts. Yet, most commercially available scanning apps will either use JPEG to compress images, or produce humungous TIFF files with lossless compression.

Unlike those apps, SharpScan handles text and artwork in a proper way. Scanned documents are converted into true black-and-white (as opposed to monochrome images with multiple shades of grey) via a smart threshold algorithm. The tool then applies lossless image compression, resulting in PDF files that are up to 20 times smaller than comparable resolution JPEGs. The small size is essential when considering the limited mobile bandwidth and traffic cost.

Pricing and Availability:
SharpScan 3.0 is ad-supported freeware. The app is available from Apple App Store free of charge. SharpScan is a Universal Application compatible with all current iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad platforms, and requires iOS 7.0 or later. A version with no ads is available as SharpScan Pro. In-place upgrade is supported from the free version of SharpScan.SharpScan 3.0
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