PiscoLogia Announces Release of Pisco Certificate Course

A new virtual certificate course launched on October 8th by PiscoLogía offers fresh and engaging information about Peruvian pisco. Participants in the program will benefit from the interactive online training, which includes testing, forums, activities and certification.

“This course compiles years of research about pisco and presents information in English for the worldwide community. The material goes way beyond basic knowledge; learners are exposed to the clear Peruvian brandy in real-life settings. They can even interact with peers with a similar interest in the versatile spirit”, said Meg McFarland, founder of the Pisco Certificate Course.

Learners will enjoy easy online access to 29 lessons and their corresponding activities, quizzes, and exams. Created and maintained by PiscoLogía pisco’s partners, the program digs deeply into the subject of Peruvian pisco to examine it from historical and cultural perspective. It can be used as a training program for distributors and industry professionals or as a personal development program for curious individuals.

“This certificate program is a logical extension of the educational outreach we have implemented with PiscoLogía. We hope to educate others about the uniqueness and quality of the clear brandy and carve out a space for pisco as its own spirits category. We are thrilled to offer this information to the spirits sector and beyond”, said McFarland.

Distributors of PiscoLogía pisco have free access to the course. Discounts are available for industry workers affected by COVID-19. Log on to www.piscocertificate.com for more information.

About PiscoLogía
PiscoLogía Quebranta, a single-variety Peruvian pisco, recently won a gold medal at the Women’s Wine and Spirits Awards in London.

PiscoLogía Acholado, a blend of Italia and Quebranta piscos, was awarded a gold medal at the SIP Awards in California. Both piscos are crafted in the Denomination of Origin of Lima (Azpitia) by Master Distiller Nati Gordillo.

About Topa Spirits, LLC
Topa Spirits, LLC is a 100% women-owned producer, importer and wholesaler of PiscoLogía Pisco Quebranta and PiscoLogía Pisco Acholado.

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