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[] Louisville, Kentucky – Sugar Coded Apps, makers of Crochet Decoder, Military Time Converter, The Newbery App and over 20 other popular iOS apps, has unveiled its newest creation and first ever SAAS (software as a service) project, PinPals. PinPals is a full featured B2B service that provides optimized Pinterest visuals, graphics, and account management solutions. Utilizing an innovative pricing strategy, the service’s quality designs & Pinterest marketing tools are affordable to any size business with any size budget.

PinPals came into being after Sugar Coded Apps owner, Eric Blanton, started a blog to chronicle his company’s success with utilizing Pinterest as a low cost marketing avenue for indie developers on a tight budget. The blog, Appinings, has helped hundreds of indie developers get started on Pinterest & proved helpful to many other small businesses that have reached out to Sugar Coded Apps for advice, help, & pin designs. The company has continued to take on freelance consulting & Pinterest based designed jobs which all led to the creation of PinPals as a full service solution for any business, blog, website, or solopreneur interested in maximizing their Pinterest presence.

The PinPals Pinterest Design Service website offers a free trial pin design to anyone interested. From there you can choose from a full menu of plans that offers solutions for everything from small businesses or blogs just looking to have a few visually striking pins designed all the way up to complete Pinterest account management. There’s even a plan to help your business get started on Pinterest if you don’t have a profile yet or haven’t created any content for your page.

Pinterest has become one of the most popular social networks the last several years, but it can be one of the hardest to get momentum on & keep up with if you’re a business. Being that it is a such a visual medium, one hurdle is consistently creating eye-catching pins that get the attention of its users & drive traffic to your site. While many plugins will allow users to pin any image from your site onto their Pinterest boards, most images aren’t optimized for Pinterest & many users like to save exciting tailor-made content they discover from right in the Pinterest app or website. To have the most success on the platform the best strategy is to have an active presence that produces eye-catching custom content that people want to save to their boards. This is why Sugar Coded Apps created the PinPals service.

Our experience & research has uncovered that one common issue with Pinterest is that many companies join the social network with the best of intentions, but either get overwhelmed at the start or simply just don’t update it frequently enough with original content so they start to mistakenly feel it’s not a very useful tool for their business. Visually stunning original content is what leads people to your site & this is how you grow virally on the platform. At the very least, using PinPals can provide customers with fantastic looking fresh content that can be posted to their Pinterest accounts & perhaps inspire them to investigate its unlimited potential even further.

Whether you have a website, product, or blog, PinPals offers affordable solutions to any size business. From creating a few Pinterest optimized graphics for your blog to offering complete Pinterest Business account management, PinPals has the tools & services for you. The company is also available for consulting, Pinterest analytics, promoted pins campaign assistance, business account set-up, advanced pin scheduling based on proven metrics, & more.

Sugar Coded Apps has had great marketing success on the Pinterest website. With over 20,000 repins (recently changed by Pinterest to ‘saves’) of their pins, they were an early adopter among the mobile development community to really embrace the platform. Their experience on Pinterest combined with their eye-catching graphic abilities & mobile-friendly sensibilities are now available as a service for anyone who needs some extra help with Pinterest. Many companies offer graphic design services for social media accounts, but PinPals is unique in that it focuses solely on creating content optimized for Pinterest which has it’s own design language. From its specific design paradigms of long, vertical graphics to a keen understanding of the platform’s standards & best practices, Sugar Coded Apps has over 5 years of experience on Pinterest as a business.

PinPals is available today from any modern web browser. A free custom Pinterest pin design is available to anyone with an email address who want to try the service out, but a paid account is required to use the sites full services & capabilities. PinPals is not affiliated Pinterest & is an independent design service.PinPals
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Sugar Coded Apps is based in Louisville, Kentucky and specializes in the creation of lifestyle utility apps that turn niche information into simple, fun, and useful iPhone and Pad apps. Since the release of our first iPhone app on November 1, 2010 the company has strived to create interesting, useful, and fun apps which have been downloaded over 500,000 times in over 25 countries worldwide through the iTunes App Store. Several of our apps have been featured by Apple on the App Store, popular blogs, relevant websites throughout the world. Copyright (C) 2016 Sugar Coded Apps. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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