Pick a Bundle launches: Build your bundle of 10 Mac apps, up to 90% off

[prMac.com] London, United Kingdom – The Pick a Bundle for Mac launched this week. Starting February 25th, this is a 3 week long bundle sale on 30 high-end, premium Mac applications and games. Visit the Pick a Bundle site and browse a selection of 30 titles that you are able to choose from. Curate a personalised bundle of 10 products that take your fancy, and pay $49.99 no matter which products you choose. The Pick a Bundle promotion ends on March 18th, so you head over to the site and take your pick while you still can.

Products included within the promotion:
* Courier (SRP: $9.99)
* Rapidweaver (SRP: $79.99) + free Rapidweaver theme set worth $19.99
* Hype (SRP: $59.99)
* Flux (SRP: $144.99)
* Lucid (SRP: $55.99)
* DEVONthink Personal (SRP: $49.95)
* Elasty (SRP: $49.99)
* Art Text (SRP: $39.95)
* Intego Personal Backup (SRP: $29.95)
* Stomp (SRP: $29.95)
* iShowu HD Pro (SRP: $59.95)
* Mac Blu-ray Player (SRP: $59.95)
* Awaken (SRP: $6.99)
* Boom (SRP: $6.99)
* Voila (SRP: $29.99)
* Planets Under Attack (SRP: $14.99)
* Transcripted (SRP: $9.99)
* MoneyWell (SRP: $49.99)
* SwiftPublisher (SRP: $29.95)
* Hands Off! (SRP: $49.99)
* Decompose (SRP: $29.99)
* Processes (SRP: $9.99)
* Tembo (SRP: $15.00)
* HealthNut (SRP: $19.99)
* Minitube (SRP: $12.00)
* Musique (SRP: $12.00)
* Musictube (SRP: $12.00)
* Digital Sentry (SRP: $19.95)
* MacCleanse (SRP: $19.95)
* DataGuardian(SRP: $19.95)

What are you waiting for? Head over to the Pick a Bundle site now and pick your own bundle! If you’re still not convinced by the 30 applications on offer at huge discounted rates, Paddle, the team behind the Pick a Bundle are offering purchasers of the bundle the opportunity to win copies of the award winning Pixelmator, Analog, Sequence, Shush & Padlock. With more apps likely to be added to this selection of freebies!

Pricing and Availability:
The Pick a Bundle by Paddle is available for 3 weeks, starting Monday 25th February to Monday 18th March. Limited copies of Pixelmator, Analog, Sequence, Shush & Padlock available. Winners of free apps will be selected at random after the bundle has concluded.Pick a Bundle

Pick a Bundle is a product of Paddle. Paddle is an online marketplace for digital products. Currently offering over 500,000 products across the Games, Software, eBook & Courses categories on site by some of the biggest and best publishers, developers and authors in the industry. Copyright (C) 2012-2013 Paddle.com Market Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, Mac OS X, and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. All other trademarks and trade names are the property of their respective owners.

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