PHYX Cleaner 2.1 – 7 Powerful Plugins to Repair Video Artifacts

[] Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – PHYX today announces PHYX Cleaner 2.1, an update to their wildly popular and comprehensive video artifacts repair suite for footage from DSLR or other sources. PHYX Cleaner consists of 7 plugins to repair aliasing and banding, chroma sub-sampling issues, remove noise, grain, haze, interlacing, and much more. Also, the plugins have been optimized for speed and precision within the Graphics Processing Unit. But best of all, it is currently on sale in celebration of its newest updates. Supports OS X within Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, After Effects and Motion.

The PHYX Cleaner’s suite of utility effects is perfect for anyone using DSLR footage or other sources and needs to remove, enhance, or repair footage. PHYX Cleaner is an excellent tool for industry specialists, or as an accessory for start-up businesses looking to create professional promotional materials. It is also great for classroom projects, home projects, or just about anything in between that requires an all-in-one package to fix a myriad of video artifacts, or to enhance quality.

PHYX’s website contains a list of major industry players that use their products, such as Walt Disney, CNBC, FOX, and many others, however, the functionality of PHYX Cleaner is transparent and user-friendly for beginners as well.

Presets for all plugins can be created and saved by the user and used cross-platform, regardless of which platform was used during saving. For example, a user can save a set of preferences while using Final Cut Pro and each preset will stay intact when launching and using a different platform, such as After Effects. To make things even easier, each plugin comes with a ‘help’ button with a user manual specific to each plugin.

Feature Highlights:
* Consists of 7 plugins
* GPU accelerated for optimized speed and precision
* Fast Approximate Anti-Aliasing
* Chroma Reconstructor
* Restore gradients where posterization occurs
* Converts interlaced fields into progressive frames and removes comb-like artifacts
* Fast noise reductions with variety of techniques
* Haze Removal
* Enhanced sharpening processor with Nasa-grade Low Pass Filter
* On sale at 50 percent off for a limited time

AntiAlias is an effect that removes ‘stair-step’ blocks that occur, also known as aliasing, from photographed or 3D rendered images. The first process of this plugin uses FXAA (Fast Approximate Anti-aliasing). Other processes include High Frequency Noise Removal, Soften Radius, and Soften Amount. To adjust these features, users simply move the ‘slider’ associated with each tool to create the preferred look.

Fast Noise Reduction can be dropped onto a selected clip to process noise reduction quickly. Within the parameters of this effect, there are four noise reduction tools to choose from, which include Spatial, Threshold, Despeckle, and Temporal. Spatial is recommended for high frequency, otherwise known as ‘fine’ noise. Threshold is used for light grain, while Despeckle is used for uneven grain, or removing noise from smooth gradients or solid colors. Temporal should be used for larger grain and noise patterns. Parameters include Smoothness, Radius, Amount, and Noise Reduction Amount.

Chroma Reconstructor re-builds color when it becomes blocky or pixilated. Chroma issues may be apparent when keying green or blue screen material. Chroma Reconstructor rebuilds a video signal’s chroma channels into 4:4:4. This plugin internally converts incoming images to the desired colorspace, applies sub-pixel reconstruction, then applies optional softening or sharpening to the luma channel. Sharpening can increase perceived sharpness while softening can tame harsh chroma artifacts. Parameters include Colorspace, Chroma Subsampling, Chroma Smoothing, Luma Sharpen Radius, and Luma Sharpen Amount.

Deband restores gradients where posterization occurs due to low-bit depth sampling. Best used with photos and 3D animations as it smooths out any ‘banding’ left behind. Smoothing and ‘variance’ are added to remove unwanted banding issues. Parameters include Variance Amount, Smoothing Radius, and Smoothing Amount.

Deinterlace helps remove the comb-like artifacts of interlaced footage. PHYX Cleaner uses multiple techniques for converting the raw fields into progressive frames. Removing ‘comb’ lines is achieved by one of three methods: Reconstructed Field, Blended Field, or Motion Compensated. Field Reconstruction generates missing field information, Blending Field combines two fields together to create a smooth look, and Motion Compensated combines the Field Reconstruction and the Blending Field methods to create an optimal effect. Parameters include Deinterlace Method, Reconstructed Field Smoothness, High Frequency Noise Reduction, View Motion, and Motion Sensitivity.

Haze Removal removes atmospheric haze by acting as a UV filter. It simulates a polarized lens through a color subtraction by ‘reflecting a portion of reflected light’, making images more vivid and true to natural color form. Parameters include Haze Filter Power, Haze Filter Amount, Polarizing Filter Color, and Polarizing Amount.

Sharpest uses a variety of techniques to achieve a sharp and precise image. Methods, such as a NASA-grade Low Pass Filter, UnSharp Mask, and Threshold are used. Parameters include Sharpen Method, Low Pass Filter Size, UnSharp Mask Radius, Threshold Radius, EdgeSharpen, View Edges, and Sharpen Amount.

“PHYX Cleaner is a complete toolbox for quick and complete video repair and enhancement” said Justin Bendo, President of PHYX. “Our mission is to create an all-in-one package that offers practical, easy, and high quality effects that just about anyone could use. PHYX products have been used by key industry innovators such as Apple, Sony Music Entertainment, and CNBC, not because of its overly-complex and layered attributes, but because of its ease-of-use, flexibility, high-quality, and speed!”

To celebrate their newest updates to PHYX Cleaner, the company has decided to offer new users with a 50 percent discount for a limited time.

System Requirements:
* OS X 10.8 or later
* FxFactory

Supported Platforms:
* Apple Final Cut Pro (7 and 10)
* Apple Motion (4 and 5)
* Adobe After Effects (CS 5, CS5.5, CS6, and CC)
* Adobe Premiere Pro (CS6 and CC)

Pricing and Availability:
In celebration of PHYX Cleaner’s newest update, it is currently discounted for a limited time at $49 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the product’s website. PHYX Cleaner will go back to its original price of $99 (USD) once the promotion is over. Complete information can be found on PHYX’s homepage.PHYX
PHYX Cleaner 2.1
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Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, PHYX visual effects software is hallmark to key industry players, such as Walt Disney Company, Apple Inc., CNBC, FOX, and much more. PHYX provides powerful and versatile plugin suites. Copyright (C) 2015 PHYX Incorporated. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPad and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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