Photo Sense 2.1 for Mac – Efficient Bulk Photo Post-Processing

[] Zoetermeer, Netherlands – VeprIT today announces Photo Sense 2.1 for Mac, a major update of its flagship product. Photo Sense is a lightweight bulk photo post-processing tool for Mac and iOS devices.

“Now that Adobe Lightroom is available only with a subscription, many users are looking for an alternative with a perpetual license.” says Dr. Demid Borodin, VeprIT owner. “While Photo Sense is not a digital assets manager, it is a great alternative for users looking for a lightweight bulk photo post-processing tool. No need to manage catalogues, make things easy: just drop some photos and adjust them quickly.”

Photo Sense advocates the automatic-first approach: instead of adjusting every image manually, it enhances all photos automatically, and offers effective tools to customize the results as much as the user wishes. This approach enables users to choose their preferred workflow complexity, from completely automatic (just select and save good auto results) to semi-automatic to manual fine-tuning. Hence Photo Sense appeals both to novice and more advanced photographers. The former appreciate how easy it is to enhance photos (mostly automatically), and the latter appreciate how efficient and flexible the workflow is, how much time it saves.

Photo Sense 2.1 for Mac Feature Highlights:
* Flexible workflow allowing to choose the preferred complexity
* Efficient automatic-first photo enhancement workflow – The user only needs to adjust the auto enhancement imperfections, if any, rather than doing everything manually from scratch
* Quick and easy basic adjustments in batch mode
* More advanced manual adjustments on image by image basis
* Artistic effects applied with a single click in batch mode
* Artistic effects can be combined and customized as the user wishes, achieving unique creative results
* Copying any desired settings between images, including selected adjustments, crop & straighten configuration, artistic effects, and metadata
* Custom presets defining any desired image settings, including selected adjustments, crop aspect ratio, artistic effects, and metadata
* Collection of predefined presets offering various photo styles and artistic effects
* Batch rotation and flipping
* Direct sharing on social media services
* Export to other software, including Photos and Lightroom
* Flexible file export options, including powerful filename generation options and image size constraints defining dimensions, megapixel count, and even file size
* Custom export presets to keep and quickly access any export configurations
* Export image settings to configuration files and restore all the settings in Photo Sense later
* Non-destructive operation
* Simple and efficient user interface


“Photo Sense is a nifty, automated photo editing app for OS X that can bring forgotten photos back to life. It’s great for those that don’t want a high-end app’s expense or steep learning curve.” – Mel Martin, The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW).

“Photo Sense is so easy to use that anyone can get the gist and make vast improvements to their pictures in just a couple of minutes.” – Jimmy Hayes, issue #95 of the iCreate magazine.

“While Photo Sense isn’t cheap, it is competitive with other image editors that are more complicated and don’t always give such good results.” – Mel Martin, The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW).

“A great app for batch processing, simplistically built and very easy to use.” – Jimmy Hayes, issue #95 of the iCreate magazine.

“Contrary to what one might imagine, there are not so many applications dedicated to automatic image correction, and Photo Sense is almost an exception – a quality one.” – Mathieu Lavant, issue #68 of the Vous et Votre Mac magazine (translated from French).

“Photo Sense is one of the most simplistic apps you’re ever likely to encounter on the Mac.”- Jimmy Hayes, issue #95 of the iCreate magazine.

“Photo Sense is an excellent program that I recommend to all those who feel no particular interest in photo correction, but want to significantly improve the quality of their images without spending hours.” – Mathieu Lavant, issue #68 of the Vous et Votre Mac magazine (translated from French).

“Overwhelmed With Complicated Photo Software? Try Photo Sense!” – Sue Megrund, AppAdvice.

“Intuitive user interface, beautiful design and interesting photo enhancement algorithm combined with the batch processing function make Photo Sense a useful application for any Mac user who would like to perform a quality photo correction without much effort.” – ANJUL, appstudio (translated from Russian).

“If you are not interested in learning how to make changes and adjustments to your photos on your own, Photo Sense lives up to its name and makes a great solution.” – Sue Megrund, AppAdvice.

“We are quite successful in using your software for product photography. The workflow is remarkably intuitive and produces good results even with operators who don’t have a photography background.” – Dr. Roderich Bott, Dr. Bott KG.

“Very cool app. Makes your photos look like you knew how to use a camera.” – mac-ho, Photo Sense user (from a Mac App Store review).

New in Photo Sense 2.1:
* Exposure algorithm improvements: now it preserves a better contrast in bright areas, and generates less artifacts even at high values
* Adjusted blacks, whites and noise reduction algorithms
* Less aggressive auto shadows
* Slightly stronger auto saturation

Device Requirements:
* macOS 10.9 (Mavericks) or later
* 64-bit Mac computer
* 10.1 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Photo Sense 2.1 is Free (with an in-app purchase) on the Mac App Store, available worldwide in the Photography category. A promotional watermark is added to the exported images, it can be removed with the $19.99 (USD) in-app purchase. A free trial version (which adds a watermark to exported images) is available on the website.VeprIT
Photo Sense 2.1
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Based in Zoetermeer, Netherlands, VeprIT was founded in 2011 by Dr. Demid Borodin and Dr. Olga Kleptsova. VeprIT develops photography software for Mac and iOS devices. VeprIT aims at achieving the greatest possible flexibility, while hiding all the complexity behind a very simple and intuitive user interface. Copyright (C) 2011-2017 VeprIT. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod, iPad and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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