Peter Arnell has excepted to be a judge on Archisketch Drawing Contest

[] London, United Kingdom – Open Screen Ltd. is proud to announce Peter Arnell has accepted to become one of the judges on its “Archisketch Drawing Contest.”

Peter Arnell:
For nearly four decades, Peter Arnell has spearheaded the growth of companies and brands all over the globe increasing their businesses, market-size and revenue through unique and innovative branding, marketing, communications and design. A firm believer that marketing begins with the product, Mr. Arnell has helped to instill design-led innovation in major corporations including Samsung, DKNY, PepsiCo, Unilever and many more. The HomeHero fire extinguisher he designed for The Home Depot won Business Week’s Gold IDEA award and the Arnell-designed Peapod NEV for Chrylser was named one the top Green Designs of the year by TIME Magazine.

Archisketch Drawing Contest:
Open Screen Limited is now accepting submissions, until end of February, for its “Archisketch Drawing Contest” with more than $2,500 in prize monies to be won. The competition is free to enter and it’s open to all existing and potential users of Archisketch. The competition aims to demonstrate the wide variety of work that can be produced using Archisketch on the iPad. If you are not an Archisketch user, you can still participate in the competition by becoming a beta tester. This not only gives you full access to Archisketch and allows you to submit to the “Archisketch Drawing Contest”, but it also lets you use the application’s upcoming drawing features in your submissions. To register as a beta tester or for more information on the “Archisketch Drawing Contest” please visit the Archisketch Competition Page.

About Archisketch:
Archisketch is a scale-aware sketching program ideal for Architects, interior and landscape designers, product designers, design students, or anyone working in the construction industry on an iPad. Inspired by the tradition of sketching on a tracing pad, Archisketch brings sketching into the modern era on an iPad. Archisketch helps architects and designers visualise, capture and explore their ideas using layers, symbols, colours, dimension guidelines, 2D grids, isometric and axonometric 3D grids, and even smart one- and two-point perspectives for 3D. When finished, drawings can be printed to scale directly from the iPad up to A1 size, or exported to PDF, which can be included in a CAD application, or uploaded to Adobe Creative Cloud.

Pricing, Availability and Compatibility:
Archisketch 2.9 is available immediately from the App Store as a free download for use with up to 50 shapes in two projects, with an in-app purchase for unlimited shapes and projects for $9.99 (USD). It requires iOS 11 or later on an iPad, iPad Air or iPad Pro. Support for Apple Pencil requires an iPad Pro.Archisketch 2.9
Archisketch Drawing Competition
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