Personalized Emoticons with PhotoSmileys 1.4: Make your Photos Active

[] Moscow, Russia – Entertainment industry gets more and more ingenuous. Our portraits in motion have not been so true to life and amusing before. And now animated pictures produced with PhotoSmileys provide active and natural emoticons based on full face photos.

It is so tempting to appear in different costume even in correspondence. Running iOS 4.3 or later PhotoSmileys helps to try on a new image. In just few clicks one facial photo can be turned into a cowboy or a flamenco dancer. That may not surprise anyone today, but PhotoSmileys uses definitely advanced facial recognition technology to make this character behave. The smiley starts smile, kiss, laugh, wink and even threaten like the cartoon character. Nine different emotions make up a set for all characters, which are eight in number.

The user may choose from cowboy, gangster, biker and surfer guys, blonde, brunette, school and flamenco girls. The characters don�t look like standard pictures due to the elaborate technologies developed by Luxand. The recognition of facial features saves the individuality of people and allows creating the endless gallery of smileys. The tool requires Internet connection to operate but has the option to store all created characters on the phone.

PhotoSmileys is for signing letters and messages with the personalized miniature copy. To look different and to try on unusual images. For making e-mails vivid and to lighten the moods of sender and receiver. All the complex process of conversion and recognition is fully automatic and the result makes happy both kids and elderly people.

Pricing and Availability:
The application is available from App Store. Two characters are available for free, others can be unlocked for $0.99, with unlimited use afterwards.Luxand
PhotoSmileys 1.4
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###Leonid Volpin
Russian Federation
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