Perle launches a 10-port PoE (100W) Gigabit Switch with Fiber or Copper uplink ports

Perle Systems, a global manufacturer of secure device networking hardware, today announced the launch of the IDS-710HP, a fully compliant IEEE802.3bt Power over Ethernet (PoE) Industrial Managed Switch. This 10-port Gigabit Switch comes with eight 100W PoE copper ports, with 450W of total available power, and two SFP Slots supporting 1G fiber, 2.5G fiber, or 10/100/1000Mbps copper.

“Using PoE technology increases installation flexibility, lowers costs, and makes networks more efficient by eliminating the need to install multiple pieces of equipment, additional electrical wires, or outlets.,” comments John Feeney, Chief Operating Officer at Perle Systems. “However, the need to connect power-hungry IoT devices, like pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) security cameras with heaters, LED lighting in building management, and 802.11ax/ac wireless access points is driving a need for PoE Switches that support higher wattage levels and more types of PDs.”

In addition to transmitting network data, the IDS-710HP has a built-in PoE injector to supply up to 100W PoE per port for a total of 450W across all eight copper ports. Classified as Layer 2 Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE), the switch will detect if connected devices are PoE-compatible and will automatically supply power. The IDS-710HP will not need to be replaced as PDs are updated because, as a fully 803.2bt compliant switch, it supports all PD types, classes, and topologies:

Type 1, 2, 3, and 4

Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8

Single-signature and Dual-Signature

The IDS-710HP also has the ability to reboot attached PDs remotely. A PD power reset from the IDS-710HP will save technicians a trip to the PD location, which may be in very difficult to access locations like exterior walls, ceilings, light posts, pipelines, and kiosks.

Perle IDS-710HP PoE Industrial Managed Switch come with a PRO Feature Set to meet the needs enterprise-grade level environments where additional security and network integration functionality is required:

PROFINET and Modbus TCP protocols are supported for monitoring and device management

Ring Protocol MRP (IEC 62439-2) ensures less than 10ms recovery time

STP/RSTP/MSTP provides network redundancy

Advanced Security and IT management features include TACACS+, RADIUS, 802.1x, SSH, SNMPv3, and HTTPS

IEEE 1588 V1 and V2 PTP provides a method for clock synchronization with microsecond accuracy

Advanced protocols that optimize the performance and intelligence of the network include IGMP Snooping, LLDP-MED, GVRP, Voice VLANs, MSTP, GMRP, and IPv6 MLD Snooping

These rugged fan-less switches feature a corrosion resistant IP20 aluminum case, a voltage range of 44 to 57 volts DC, and operate in temperatures from -40 to 70°C. 

About Perle Systems: 
Founded in 1976, Perle Systems designs and manufactures highly reliable device networking, media conversion, and Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity hardware. With an extensive range of solutions, Perle products are ideal for organizations that need to establish network connectivity across multiple locations, securely transmit critical and sensitive information, or remotely monitor and control networked devices and appliances. Perle has offices in 9 countries and sells its products through a globally established distributor, system integrator, and reseller channel. 

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