Peregrine Treks And Expeditions Resumes Its Service With New Offers Following All Health And Safety Precautions

Kathmandu, Nepal – Nepal will restart its commercial flights this mid-September, the government announced on September 1, in an attempt to jump-start its battered tourism sector. Nepal’s airports will reopen its international and domestic commercial air travel beginning early October, 2020 for tourists as decided in a cabinet meeting. For now, flights will go only to countries less affected by the global COVID-19 pandemic; more destinations will be added gradually.

To enter or exit Nepal, travelers will need to carry a PCR certificate confirming that they don’t have COVID-19. Incoming international travelers will also need to self-isolate for at least 14 days. New guidelines are soon coming, said Health and Population Ministry spokesperson. Also, all tourists must follow the guidelines and have COVID-19 insured.

As the lockdown began in March, which effected Nepal’s tourism during the prime season, when mountain climbers and other tourists typically flood in. The shutdown cost the tourism industry billions of rupees a month. Nepal’s Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation also stated that they would set protocols and standards to operate all tourism-related activities.

Mr. Pradip Karki, CEO at Peregrine Treks and Expeditions, announces that their services will be open to all from mid-September following all the safety protocols indicated by Nepal Government. He also stated that the company will provide discount to all customers. He also announced that there is COVID-19 discount in every trekking and tour packages.

Peregrine Treks have new packages and many more offers which will also make your tour safe and economic. These offers will really help the tourist visiting Nepal during this period, here in Nepal. Peregrine Treks and Expedition will provide all the customers a better deals to travel Nepal at an attractive price with COVID-19 offer to save money and enjoy the treks and tours with safety and precautions. Discount details of the offers and prices are listed in their official website.

“This new offers will provide discount up to 20% in their packages which will really encourage and help the tourists to accomplish their tour efficiently. All the safety precautions will be followed as mentioned by the Nepal Government while entering different districts and places during the treks and tours.” – said Mr. Pradip Karki. Detailed information about the packages and offers are listed in their official website.

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