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[] Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota, aaaaapp! LLC. is pleased to announce the release of Pencilicious, v.1.2, a revolutionary hybrid-ink productivity and drawing app for your Apple iPad.

Pencilicious is an intuitive and powerful drawing, sketching and note-taking app for your iPad. Not only do pencil, pen and calligraphy brushes look like real ink on paper, but each of your strokes can be easily manipulated and modified. Retina quality digital drawing now can be edited like vector-based lines, without sacrificing the textures and subtleties of a beautifully rendered bitmap image.

Discover what sets Pencilicious apart:
* Fast, smooth ink with dozens of colors to choose from
* Vector-like editing ability (move, cut, copy, paste, scale)
* Zoom and pan
* Intuitive notebook and page management
* Multiple saving, sharing and printing options
* Light fresh modern interface with many options for personalization

With this update, the developers have added the much requested multi-touch operations, Zoom and Pan, that enhance the iPad drawing experience even more. Now, not only can users move and re-size their lines, shapes and handwriting, they can zoom-in close to work at a smaller scale and with more precision. Could it be even better than pen and paper?

A light and fresh modern interface keeps your work front and center, giving you essentially the entire iPad screen to draw on. Whether you want just a plain white paper, a blackboard effect or a textured art paper, Pencilicious gives you 15 background papers to let you personalize the look of your notebook. And if you need some structure to to your paper, overlay your choice of 2 grids or 4 types of lines on any paper.

Intuitive notebook management helps keep your thoughts organized. Personalize your notebooks with a name, topic and distinctive cover. Pencilicious organizes your notebooks both by topic and by date: Quickly scroll through all your notebooks in chronological order when in portrait view; rotate to landscape to see notebooks organized by topic and flip right to a particular page in any notebook. The other major feature of this update is increased notebook page organization. From any page in a notebook, the user can copy, insert, re-order, add or delete a page in the notebook. The visual interface also allows for an easy way to jump to any page within the current notebook.

Pencilicious’ pencil, pen and calligraphy brushes all flow smoothly from your finger or stylus in real-time. There is no lag or jaggedness as you draw or write. Each of the three beautifully rendered natural brushes can be modified at any time. Choose from 5 brush sizes and 9 color palettes with 6 different colors, plus black and white. Highlighter and chalk effects can be produced by simply changing the ink transparency.

Unlike virtually every other drawing or note-taking app available, Pencilicious lets you easily manipulate lines and shapes after they have been created. Select one or more strokes and perform cut, copy, paste, re-size and deform actions. Make a stray mark? Move it aside or erase it with a swipe. Draw a sloppy square? Drag the endpoints to neaten it up. Want to repeat an object? Copy and paste, then drag to re-size. Easily copy any of your lines and shapes from one page to another page in any notebook. Don’t stress about mistakes or changes. Pencilicious lets you back out of unwanted changes with unlimited undo and redo actions.

Another benefit of Pencilicious hybrid inking is that with just a tap, you can add a colored fill to any enclosed area. The fill area stays with its boundary strokes so you can move your filled object around the page. Fill color and transparency can be easily modified at any time.

Of course, Pencilicious notebooks and pages are easy to share. Send a full notebook or a single page to Dropbox, e-mail, iTunes or your iPad’s photo library. With the new update, Pencilcious drawings can be directly printed out via AirPrint. And it is simple to import any image from your iPad camera or photo album. Once on your page, you can re-size or move it anywhere you like. Add notes and sketches on top of or next to the imported image.

Look for continued updates, including multi-language support, coming soon to this already powerful and elegant app. Also available: Pencilicious LITE – check out the power of Pencilicious before purchasing the full version.

Pencilicious is the note-taking and sketching app that you’ve been looking for.Pencilicious 1.2
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The aaaaapp! LLC team joined forces to develop iPad and iPhone apps that would help people take notes intuitively, without a lot of clutter. With multiple advanced Ivy League degrees, they develop awesome algorithms, program super code, and design clean and beautiful interfaces. Contact them directly at:

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