Password Creator for macOS Creates Long Lists of Password in a Click

[] Milano, Italy – Tension Software is proud to announce the release and immediate availability of Password Creator 1.4.1 for macOS. Password Creator allows to create a single password or a long list of random unique passwords (up to 500000), inside an internal table, ready to be saved on disk in plain text format for reuse, all in a single click.

It allows users to create different kind of passwords:
* Alpha only lowercase
* Alpha only uppercase
* Alpha only any-case
* Alphanumeric only lowercase
* Alphanumeric only uppercase
* Alphanumeric only any-case
* Numeric only
* Hexadecimal (to be used in WEP encrypted wireless modem)
* Alphanumeric lowercase with punctuation
* Alphanumeric uppercase with punctuation
* Alphanumeric any-case with punctuation
* Readable lowercase password
* Readable uppercase password

The user can select the length of the password and it is created live while the user selects the options
Strength of the created password is visualized in a graphic way. Single password can be shown or maintained hidden inside the window. Password Creator includes a PDF embedded user guide.

* You can generate not only just one password in one shot, or up to 500000 (half million) unique passwords with a single click, and save them on disk in a text file.
* Password Creator can be used as a random data generator, with output importable by any other software that can read text data from disk
* Optionally avoids use of ambiguous chars similar to others
* When creating a list of password, optional ‘avoid duplicates’ to create only unique passwords
* Password browse inside an internal table
* Password sort
* Save on disk in text format, alphabetically or by creation
* Can export to disk data to be imported by any app
* Embedded PDF guide included

What’s new:
* Bug fixes
* Better algorithm
* Optimized for macOS 10.13 High Sierra

Minimum Requirements:
* macOS Version 10.10 Yosemite or higher
* 1.9 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Password Creator 1.4.1 is just $4.99 USD (or an equivalent amount in other currencies) and is available worldwide through the Mac App Store.Tension Software
Password Creator 1.4.1
Purchase and Download from Mac App Store
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