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[] Lugano, Switzerland – Creapptor SA presents Passdock, the pass generator for Passbook, an intuitive and user friendly service for developers and businesses. Passbook is the native application released with the launch of iOS 6. This involves the presence of a digital wallet where people can order many paper documents and cards that are now scattered everywhere.

The ongoing and upcoming possible advancements of this application are in the hands of developers around the world; notwithstanding the only certainty for now, being highly prolific scenarios that emerge in terms of marketing on mobile.

With the pass created by Passdock you can streamline the processes of identification. To illustrate, you can avoid the enervating files at check-in, in public administrations and in many other sectors. The saying, ‘Time is money’ holds true not only for businesses but for the end user as well. The major innovation lies in this secret: Passbook will save money at the customer end and therefore will turn into a system that will spread speedily and intensely. But that’s not enough… Why should a company invest in Passdock and not on a membership service via email?

The reason is deeply interwoven with the habits that characterises all of us and to an Object that has become an integral part of our habits and our essential needs: the Cell Phone. For companies, the Passbook initiative represents a turning point toward a highly sensitive platform, almost like a customer prosthesis. The communicative effectiveness of a notification that appears on the phone (for example, you can avail of a discount coupon to the ice cream shop around the corner) surpasses the capacity of penetration of an email newsletters campaign.

Passbook together with the convenient service Passdock opens up scenarios where promotional campaigns are much less expensive, in addition to being more targeted and personalized.

Every idea in this unexplored field may represent a breakthrough in trade, whether it’s a loyalty card in a digital format, a discount voucher or prepaid card. The Watchword is to make life easier to the customer and interact with him while understanding where to direct efforts to meet his needs. Every action geared towards improving the habits of our customers will lead to higher client retention and broadening of the user base: the satisfied customer will communicate their status to those around him through word of mouth, not to mention the phenomenon of collecting the cards.

The leading-edge companies in their fields wanting to adopt a vision oriented to the new era of mobile commerce in Passdock have immediate feedback from the simple interface, supported by an ample and professional service of consultation in regards to the design of new business prospects. Passdock is the perfect system to serve as a Passbook generator making business services more affordable for customers in the process. Finally, the dawn of a simple and effective way to experience the successful marketing has arrived.

Pricing and Availability:
Passdock is free and available worldwide exclusively through the Passdock website.Passdock

As a Creapptor group, we take pride in having a base of over 1300 affiliates around the world to whom we offer the innovative service of passes creation for Passbook; a service that is reliable, with prompt and unequivocal support. Our project and mission is to involve our members and other new developers in integrating Passdock into their global system, so that you will subsequently offer to the business world the possibility of a true revolution connected to digital ticketing and management, creation and distribution of all passes for Passbook on all major mobile platforms. Copyright (C) 2012 Creapptor. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

###Massimo Ronchi
Marketing Manager
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