Passbook Gets More Affordable with Passdock New Pricing Plans

[] Lugano, Switzerland – As a result of the rapid increase in the number of users, Passdock has been able to obtain an improved contract with its cloud service providers. What does this mean for Passdock’s clients?

The new prices are much more affordable:
* Small Offer from $97 USD/month (up to 10,000 API calls)
* Medium Offer from $497/month (up to 50,000 API calls)
* Large Offer of $797/month (up to 100,000 API calls)

The “Forever Free” option remains unchanged: anyone can access the site and it’s free to use Passdock tools to create and deliver an unlimited number of Passbook passes.

Also, for those who want to organize one-shot events, Passdock provides three prepaid options:
* Pay & Go Small from $30 (up to 1,000 API calls)
* Pay & Go Medium from $125 (up to 5,000 API calls)
* Pay & Go Large from $200 (up to 10,000 API calls)

To make its services even more convenient for its users, Passdock has provided an extra threshold option so as to increase the flexibility of monthly payment plans. For example, if a user chooses the Small Offer, but exceeds 10,000 calls/month, he or she will only pay $0.0097 for each call. This unique feature is fully integrated into the range of actions that are available to users who utilize the Passdock system.

What can you do with a call to the API?
* Create a pass
* Change a pass
* Obtain a list of passes
* Obtain a list of templates
* Delete a pass
* Delete a template
* Obtain complete information about a pass
* Obtain complete information about a template
* Display the device on which a pass is installed
* Send a message to a pass
* Modify a template
* On the lock screen, change the location where it will be visible
* On the lock screen, change the time and date when it will be visible
* Brand a pass as redeemed
* Brand a pass as not redeemed
* Look for a pass using its serial number
* Look for a pass using its 2D code
* Create a new user
* Obtain the authentication key of a user
* Change the images of a template or pass

You can also obtain detailed statistics of how users utilise passes:
* Number of passes issued
* Number of downloads
* Number of installations
* Number of views
* Number of update requests
* Number of uninstallations

These statistics can all be obtained at a template level, and with the hourly frequency over the last 24 hours, the daily frequency over the last 31 days and the monthly frequency over the last 12 months.

In order to communicate better with the Passdock API, users have access to the open-source sample code. The complete API documentation is also available.

Finally, for customers who need dedicated solutions, specific tools for managing data in customised marketing solutions, and white-labelling with their logo, just contact the Passdock team, who have a tailor-made solution for every need.

For more information on new, affordable Passdock pricing plans, visit the Passdock website.Passdock

As a Creapptor group, we take pride in having a base of over 1300 affiliates around the world to whom we offer the innovative service of passes creation for Passbook; a service that is reliable, with prompt and unequivocal support. Our project and mission is to involve our members and other new developers in integrating Passdock into their global system, so that you will subsequently offer to the business world the possibility of a true revolution connected to digital ticketing and management, creation and distribution of all passes for Passbook on all major mobile platforms. Copyright (C) 2012 Creapptor. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

###Massimo Ronchi
Marketing Manager
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