Paragon Software Releases Paragon Hard Disk Manager for Mac Beta

[] Freiburg, Germany – Paragon Software Group (PSG), a leader in data backup, disaster recovery, and data migration solutions, announces the release of Paragon Hard Disk Manager for Mac beta – a powerful tool to handle all of your disk management tasks. Paragon Hard Disk Manager for Mac is the result of more than 20 years of development in data protection, backup and disaster recovery on Windows and OS X now making it available to dual-boot users working on OS X-based systems. In order to improve the quality of the product and integrate as much customer input as possible, Mac users are invited to download and test the new software free of charge at LINK. Hundred of the most active beta testers will get free commercial licenses while the other beta testers get a 30% discount on the commercial release, scheduled for summer 2015.

OS X-based computers already come with integrated partitioning features but these are limited to basic tasks. Mac users have limited possibilities for modifying the partition table after its creation, unable to resize file systems other than HFS+ or change partition properties. Paragon Hard Disk Manager for Mac overcomes all of these limitations by allowing users to move partitions, resize partitions, undelete (recover deleted volumes), and modify volume properties.

The software comes with the most advanced system partitioning features to assist users to perform drive partitioning of any complexity easily and safely. With concise and explicit information conveniently presented in pop-up dialog boxes available to make the user’s job easier, Paragon Hard Disk Manager for Mac easily handles all system and data partitioning tasks. These start with the basics – create, format, and delete – then move up in sophistication to allow partitions to be undeleted, resized, moved, and copied. You can resize partitions, copy your entire drive or a partition, and even securely wipe it. An entire partition or just its free space can be wiped, or its file system checked for integrity. All partitioning operations can be performed on hard drives and SSDs of any capacity.

Paragon Hard Disk Manager for Mac delivers the ability to format volumes in any of the common file systems (HFS+, NTFS, ExtFS, FAT 16/FAT 32 and exFAT). It can also convert between MBR, GPT, and hybrid GPT+MBR partitioning schemes; and correct Windows boot issues, including those occurring when moving the operating system to new hardware.

Additionally, users of Apple’s Boot Camp utility will benefit in Paragon Hard Disk Manager’s ability to easily resize Boot Camp partitions. Mac users can redistribute the available space between OS X and Windows partitions rapidly without data loss, quickly and easily adding free gigabytes to partitions used by either operating system. Advanced users will appreciate the ability to view and edit disk sectors.

With Paragon Hard Disk Manager for Mac, users can migrate Windows OS from one Mac computer to another. Paragon Hard Disk Manager for Mac supports Core Storage and works efficiently with Fusion Drive equipped Macs, as well as those using FileVault encryption. Paragon Hard Disk Manager for Mac supports all versions of OS X from Mountain Lion onwards.

Pricing & Availability:
Paragon Hard Disk Manager beta is available for immediate download free of charge at The commercial release is scheduled for summer 2015. Users of Paragon Hard Disk Manager for Mac beta will get a 30% discount on the commercial product at that time. For other Mac OS X tools, please visit Paragon’s Mac Toolbox at Software Group
Paragon Hard Disk Manager for Mac beta
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