Paraben Releases Device Seizure 6.0 for Advanced Mobile Forensics

[] Ashburn, Virginia – Paraben Corporation, a leader in the digital forensics industry, announced the release of the Device Seizure 6.0. Device Seizure is the most affordable forensic solution that offers logical and physical extraction for most devices on the market. Device Seizure is a valuable tool for law enforcement and forensic examiners around the world to analyze data on devices, including deleted information associated with mobile examinations.

“Our goal with 6.0 is to open a new era for Paraben with a faster more comprehensive tool. We have re-designed things both on the outside of the tool as well as with the tool’s internals,” stated Amber Schroader, CEO of Paraben Corporation. “I think this release of Device Seizure accomplishes the goal of more device support, more deleted data recovery, and more advanced analysis features than ever before all at an affordable price.”

Device Seizure supports both logical and physical data analysis in a single tool. The latest version not only increases the number of supported devices significantly, it adds the ability to analyze extractions from Cellebrite units as well as offering a new timeline report for easy visualization of chronological events on a device. Device Seizure continues as the strongest leader for analysis of mobile device data.

Enjoy seeing the latest functions of Device Seizure 6.0 in Paraben’s online webinars, YouTube channel and follow us on Twitter under #parabencorp.Paraben Corporation
Device Seizure 6.0

Paraben Corporation specializes in technologies for both digital forensics and cyber threat mitigation for law enforcement, corporate enterprises, and consumers. Established in 1999, Paraben became a leader in the digital forensics industry with the first commercially available tools for cell phone forensics and have expanded their product line to include hard drive, and enterprise forensics solutions as well as cyber threat assessment tools. Paraben is a leading innovator in the field with software, training, and consulting services. For more information, visit website.

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