Panolapse Adds Camera Motion To Timelapse Videos

[] Palo Alto, California – Stunning time-lapse videos can now be made easily with the new Panolapse program, available for Mac OSX and Windows. Panolapse simplifies the workflow of creating a timelapse video, providing features for adding motion, zooming, deflickering, and rendering. One of the key elements of top timelapse videos is motion – an effect typically difficult to achieve but necessary for adding dynamism and artistic direction. The concept behind Panolapse’s motion effect is similar to that of 360 panorama viewers using 3D perspective correction to simulate real-world accurate movements.

Up to now, photographers have generally had two methods for adding motion to time-lapse sequences. One approach has been to mount the camera on a motorized track that slides, or a motorized head that rotates, or both. These systems are often heavy, fragile, and restrictive. The other method uses video-editing software to crop into a scene and slide the viewing window around. However, since that doesn’t correct for changes in perspective, the resulting video can appear flat and unnatural.

Panolapse applies perspective warping to allow more natural panning. It adds rotational motion to a sequence, essentially acting as a motorized-head. Panolapse works best with wide-angle lenses including fisheyes, allowing for pans up to a 360 field-of-view.

Flickering has been another headache for timelapse photographers that Panolapse solves. Slight mechanical differences between each shot of the camera often causes differences in brightness between video frames. Panolapse corrects for flickering by calculating a moving-average of the brightness of the scene, and then adjusts each frame to match exposure.

The software can export the final video in high-quality JPG frames, .mov (PhotoJPEG) video, or .mp4 video. Batching allows busy photographers to queue multiple render tasks together.

Panolapse was originally created by Patrick Shyu for the Blue Eden project, a series of high-definition timelapse videos across the world. The tool should be a great help for notice and professional photographers.Panolapse
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Panolapse360 was created by Patrick Shyu in May 2013 for use with the HD timelapses in the Blue Eden project. Panolapse aims to improve timelapse software workflow for professionals and novices. All Material and Software (C) 2013 Patrick Shyu. All Rights Reserved. All other trademarks and trade names are the property of their respective owners.

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