PageMeUp 1.0.2 updated for OS X: Layout editor for web sites & magazines

[] Paris, France – Softobe is proud to announce PageMeUp 1.0.2, their easy-to-use page layout editor for OS X to create web sites, magazines, brochures, flyers and more. PageMeUp lets you quickly layout your text and images with the utmost simplicity and get a professional PDF document or build your web site.

Simply drag, import or paste images and text onto the PageMeUp document then resize and place them on the page. A powerful snap assistant will help you at aligning the boxes on the page. Edit and format your text, scale the images (custom, fit, fill), apply the color profile, shadow, fill or gradient background, border, mask, rotation, opacity, flip, web links, page HTML metadata; then print or export as PDF, HTML, TIFF, PNG or JPG using your ICC Color Profile (CMYK or RGB), compressions, quality and resolution.

Version 1.0.2 is a recommended update for all customers, offering a number of bug fixes and improvements.

* The HTML code generated by PageMeUp is now 36% lighter.
* Add the check-box “Embed CSS” on the “Export as HTML” panel. When marked, PageMeUp will not create a css style file but it will embed the css code within the html page. This is useful when creating HTML emails
* Added the box parameter “Alt” to the Inspector:Web:HTML” panel. Select an image box then define the Alt text. In case that image cannot be loaded by the browser, the Alt text will be shown within the box. Useful in case of html email where the images have to be lately loaded from a server
* You can get the HTML preview at any time. If you have never previously Exported to HTML (File:Export as HTML menu item), PageMeUp will save the HTML file within a temporary folder and open it with Safari. Later, when you export the document as HTML, PageMeUp will use the folder you defined
* Added the autoscroll-page when dragging or resizing text-boxes and image-boxes on the page
* Added the menu item “Add:Add Page”
* Added the menu item “Add:Add Folder”
* Added the menu item “Add:Add Image Box”
* Added the menu item “Add:Add Text Box”
* Addressed an issue with text shadows
* Addressed an issue at shadowing the image boxes on HTML and PDF documents
* Addressed an issue at the color profile when exporting to HTML documents
* Addressed an issue when resizing a text box by dragging its handles
* Zooming the window (green button on the top-left corner) will fit the page on the stage
* Other minor fixes and improvements

System Requirements:
* OS X Version 10.8 or higher
* For Intel

Pricing and Availability:
PageMeUp 1.0.2 is available as a full-featured demo. A single user license is $24.00 USD. Registered 1.x.x customers may upgrade for free to all the next 1.x.x releases.PageMeUp 1.0.2
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