PageMeUp 1.0.1 updated for OS X: Layout editor for web sites & magazines

[] Milan, Italy – Softobe has released PageMeUp 1.0.1, an update to their easy-to-use layout editor for OS X. PageMeUp lets you quickly layout your text and images with the utmost simpicity and get a professional PDF document or build your web site.

With PageMeUp you can create a document, choose its page format, size and background color, set the margins, bleed, custom guides, rows and columns and apply the RGB and CMYK ICC color profiles. Then drag, import or paste images and text onto the PageMeUp document and place/resize them on the page. A powerful and fast snap assistant will help you at aligning the boxes on the page. Edit and format your text, scale the images (custom, fit, fill), apply shadow, fill or gradient background, border, mask, rotation, opacity, flip, web links, page HTML metadata. Then print or export as PDF, HTML, TIFF, PNG or JPG with custom resolution, compression and ICC profile.

What’s new:
* Faster files opening
* Added the check-box “Change Size Proportionally” on the Inspector:Box panel
* Addressed an issue at the box shadow and text shadow when exporting to PDF or printing
* Addressed an issue at exporting the PDF images with resolution different than 72 ppi
* Addressed an issue when closing a file containing shadowed text
* The “File:Preview” menu item short cut is now Command > 1 on both the BOOK left panel and the HTML left panel
* The “File:Export HTML” menu item short cut is changed
* The “File:Export HTML As” menu item short cut is changed

The Preview button on the BOOK panel at the left side of the window creates now a preview with the image format (PDF, TIF, PNG, JPG) defined on the File:Export panel. For instance, if you previously exported as PDF, the Preview button will create and display a PDF. If you previously exported as PNG, the Preview button will create and display a PNG. You can always change the preview image format, resolution and compression by opening the Export panel or select the “File:Export…” menu item), change those parameters, then press Cancel.

System Requirements:
* OS X Version 10.8 or higher
* For Intel

Pricing and Availability:
PageMeUp 1.0.1 is available as a full-featured demo. A single user license is $24.00 USD. Registered 1.x.x customers may upgrade for free to all the next 1.x.x releases. Version 1.0.1 is the first final release.PageMeUp 1.0.1
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