Padgram 2.6 for iPad-Top Instagram Viewer Creates Eye-Catching Shoutouts

[] Wuhan, China – Pinssible Labs today is pleased to announce Padgram – Instagram Viewer for iPad 2.6, a major update to its photo app, which has become the preferred Instagram viewer for iPad. Listed in the Top 25 Photo & Video apps in the U.S. App Store, Padgram offers fast and simple tagging, browsing, and interaction with other users for a better social experience. The update makes giving or requesting eye-catching, spam-free Shoutouts easy with a new Promote button, which generates a beautiful collage based on the user’s most liked photos, ready for posting to Instagram.

An Instagram Shoutout gives a user an opportunity for self or cross promotion, asking others to recommend that their followers should begin following the user or other Instagram member. Typically, users take a photo of a profile on Instagram, posting it with a Shoutout hashtag. Far from ideal, this low-tech solution can at best be ineffective, and at worst be seen as spam.

The new Promote button in Padgram 2.6 selects six random photos a member has posted, and it creates a visually pleasing collage. There are three photos in the top row and three in the bottom row, and each photo is tilted slightly, each overlapping two adjacent photos just a bit. This sophisticated design presents a sampling of the member’s tastes and interests, and serves as a stylish image that is ideal for giving or requesting a Shoutout.

Padgram Feature Highlights-
Explore Interesting Photos:
* Browse popular photos and the photos you followed or liked
* Browse in a Map View, check out photos around the world
* New Swiping Mode is enabled when viewing photos in full size, allowing users to easily swipe from one photo to another
* Search by tag or user name; contextual suggestions are given as you type
* Subscribe to any tag you are interested in

Vivid Liking and Commenting
* 1-tap or 2-tap to like photos
* 1-tap to tag a photo with a batch of popular tags
* Integrated Emoji keyboard with over 500 Emoji symbols
* Type any user’s name in comments can immediately @ the user and start replying
* New tap on any comment to copy or delete it

Extensive Sharing Options
* Share photos to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Pocket and Sina Weibo
* Send photos via email or save to Camera Roll
* Print and send a photo as postcard

Check and Promote Profiles
* 1-tap to check out a user’s photos, following’s and followed-by info
* Follow or unfollow people
* New Promote yourself or others with a beautiful collage, which is made of user’s most liked photos

Beautiful Layout and Blistering Speed
* Optimized for Retina display
* Stacked layout makes it easy to return to where you were
* Named “the fastest Instagram iPad app” by users

Padgram 2.6 augments the social experience of Instagram viewing on the iPad. The user is presented with a grid of photos in whichever group he or she searches, whether it be Followed, Subscriptions, Likes, or Popular photos. The grid uses the entirety of the iPad’s large screen, allowing for clear and vivid shots of each picture sized reasonably. To view just one picture, the user simply taps on the desired photo. A screen will then slide over, showing the photo’s description, comments, and likes.

Here, the user is able to comment with just one tap on the “Add Comments” space. Along with the keyboard, Padgram also offers easy symbol use, so the user does not have to switch keyboards to add a common “at” symbol, hashtag, emoticon, etc. While a custom hashtag symbol on its own is available, the app also offers suggestions for popular tags.

Padgram’s Searched feature is especially advanced in its suggestion technology. The app retains the user’s searches, so that a user returning for the same search does not have to retype. The search feature also offers intelligent suggestions for user names or tags as users type, so they may choose one with just one simple click.

Sharing photos is easy with Padgram; it allows users to save and send pictures to email as well as the popular social networking sites Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Pocket, and Sina Weibo. The user’s favorite pictures can be easily printed and sent as postcards.

“We are always working hard to improve on our success with Padgram,” commented Paul Yan of Pinssible. “We think our new Promote function for creating Shoutout collages will be appreciated by all our current and future users.”

Language Support:
* English and Chinese

Device Requirements:
* Compatible with iPad
* Requires iOS 4.3 or later
* 7.8 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Padgram – Instagram Viewer for iPad 2.6 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Photo & Video category.Pinssible Labs
Padgram – Instagram Viewer for iPad 2.6
Download from iTunes
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Based in Wuhan, China, Pinssible Labs was founded by Paul Yan, Pilow Liu, and Wiki Zhao in 2012. Pinssible Labs, the development department of Wuhan Pinssible Netcom Science & Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on making photo apps. Their mission is to bring stunning UX to photo viewing and to help the user edit or socialize photos. Copyright (C) 2012 Wuhan Pinssible Netcom Science & Technology Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.

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