Oxygene for Cocoa – A New Programming Language for Mac and iOS

[prMac.com] Berlin, Germany – RemObjects Software announces the release of version 6.0 of its award-winning Oxygene programming language, which includes – among other features and improvements – the addition of Oxygene for Cocoa as their target platform for the language.

Oxygene for Cocoa brings the modern Oxygene language and development tool chain to developers looking to create truly native Mac and iOS applications.

Unlike competing solutions, Oxygene for Cocoa is not a bridge or an abstraction layer that shoehorns a .NET or Java mindset to the Cocoa platform. Rather, the compiler was rearchitected from the ground up to target the Objective-C runtime and give developers direct access to all the great APIs and frameworks that Apple and third party developers are providing for Mac and iOS development.

The Oxygene language is based on Object Pascal, but is decidedly “not your daddy’s Pascal” in that it has been re-invented to be a mature and powerful language that combines many of the best features in today’s mainstream languages (from C# over Java to Objective-C), with unique features pioneered by Oxygene and Pascal’s traditional elegance and readability.

Oxygene was first introduced for the .NET platform in 2005, and the language has been continuously improved and streamlined over the past 8 years, gaining more advanced features over time. In 2011, Oxygene was made available for the Java and Android platform, with 95% language compatibility across the platforms.

With the introduction of Oxygene for Cocoa as part of the sixth major release today, Oxygene provides a single language that lets developers natively target all major operating systems in use today – from Windows and Mac desktop applications, over apps for all major phone platforms (iOS, Android, and even Windows Phone) to cross-platform back-end server applications for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X servers.

Oxygene integrates into and includes Visual Studio 2012, giving developers a single state-of-the-art development environment to work in for all target platforms. From Visual Studio, it integrates all the necessary tool chains to create applications, allowing the developer to focus on the code.

About Oxygene:
Since its first release in 2005, Oxygene has attracted an ever-growing number of developers who enjoy its power and flexibility, and the benefit of being able to use a single programming language to target any platform they need to develop to, without compromise.

Pricing and Availability:
Oxygene 6.0 is available for $699.00 USD (new user license, includes one year of free updates) for all target platforms from the RemObjects Software website. Press inquiries, please contact us for any questions or to arrange a talk with one of our engineers about Oxygene. RemObjects Software Chief Architect, marc hoffman will also be in San Francisco for WWDC next week and available for meetings with members of the press on site. Please contact us to arrange a meeting.RemObjects Software
Oxygene 6.0
Oxygene for Cocoa
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