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[prMac.com] St. Petersburg, Florida – Evertap, a mobile gaming company, has launched a Kickstarter campaign that promises to “kick start” App Store success for the next generation of mobile app and game publishers. They’re making the source code for their iOS games, over 200 in total, available to backers. If the campaign reaches its $250K goal by the May 29th deadline the game source code, which cost over a million dollars and took several years to develop, will be distributed to campaign backers who have pledged as little as $49.

Evertap is a small, Florida-based company comprised of only three employees and a remote development team. Their impressive library of games for iPhone and iPad have been installed by 20 million users and played over half a billion times. They’ve also generated over a million dollars in advertising revenue. Starting now, and running through May 29th, Kickstarter backers will have the opportunity to get access to everything evertap has developed – as long as the campaign goal is reached over the one-month campaign period.

The majority of the 200+ games that the company has active on the App Store have never been actively promoted. Ryan Wade, the founder and CEO of evertap, never intended for it to be a “big” company. As it turns out, that’s exactly what would be required to actively promote 200 iOS games. Instead of expanding in size, evertap has decided to change their company focus so the potential of the games they have created does not go to waste.

Instead of selling the rights to their games to a larger gaming company that would likely use them solely for advertising their existing games, evertap wants to help others get their start in the mobile gaming business by providing them with the individual “building blocks” required to create great games and get them published to the App Store.

When he came up with the idea for his first app almost 7 years ago, Mr. Wade had no experience at all in app development. He firmly believes there is more opportunity now than there ever has been for small publishing companies and individual developers to participate in what is essentially a digital gold rush.

Evertap’s 200+ games include classics such as Mahjong and Chess, as well as creative new game ideas such as “Stickly Jump” and “Temple Escape”. Here is a short list of some of the games being made available to the Kickstarter campaign backers.

* Racing Game – almost 5,000,000 Downloads
* Stickly Jump – 1.1 Million Downloads
* Nimble Ninja – Awesome Graphics
* Temple Escape – Fun ‘Endless Runner’
* Bike Games – 200,000 Downloads
* Air Hockey – 700,000 Downloads
* Find a Coin – 1,000,000 Downloads
* Chess – 2,000,000 downloads
* Mahjong – 1.9 Million Downloads
* Solitaire – 1 million downloads

On the Kickstarter campaign website, you’ll find a video featuring the CEO of evertap explaining the offer, as well as another video that shows gameplay footage from many of evertap’s most popular games.Evertap
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