Open Map bring over 60 types of OpenStreet maps on Mac

[] Milano, Italy – Tension Software is proud to announce the release of Open Map for macOS. Open Map bring over 60 types of OpenStreet maps on Mac with 28 zoom levels and save on disk as PDF and other formats. More then 60 map types of the world with different style graphic and also data, always up to date, available with 1 click with a resolution level ranging from 0 to 28.

Open Map covers all the world exactly as other well know proprietary formats. Application can natively export at any time any visualised map as PDF, PNG, TIFF,JPEG using any scale and area. Some of the available maps:

* Wikimedia
* Humanitarian
* Black & White
* OpenTopo
* Hike & Bike
* Hydda
* Toner
* Terrain
* Watercolour
* Positron
* Dark Matter
* Flat Blue
* Roads
* Hybrid
* Contour
* Grayscale
* Street
* Topo
* Imagery
* Shaded Relief
* LightGray
* NatGeo
* Delorme
* Ocean
* OpenCycle
* transport
* Landscape
* Pioner
* Atlas
* Outdoor
* Satellite
* Lyzidiamond
* Street Satellite
* and many others
* and more to be added in the next releases

Open Map can also visualize your position and precision range via geo wi-fi

Geographic data are served via internet by various servers. To visualize maps and associated data, an internet connection always on is required.

System Requirements:
* macOS Version 10.10 and later

Pricing and Availability:
Open Map is $5.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the Mac App Store in the Lifestyle category.Tension Software
Open Map
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###Roberto Panetta
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