OnDemandWorld CEO Guest Speaker at GMIC in Beijing, China

[prMac.com] London, United Kingdom – OnDemandWorld has experienced rapid growth since their launch in 2008. So much so that the CEO, Edward Tsang, was invited to attend the GMIC as a guest speaker in the AppSpace forum, and delivered a well received speech entitled “Developers Are Digging Their Own Graves?”

Mr Tsang’s talk explored the decline of mobile app sales, why it is happening, possible solutions, and the app making strategies to follow in the future. He offered four strategies as possible solutions; localization, diversification, making use of new programming languages and buying in source code.

Tsang concluded that mobile apps should be viewed as miniaturization, that UI/UX of mobile apps are better than desktop apps, and features should be optimized to allow for growth. He also pointed out that although apps are mainly B2C (business to consumer) at the moment, B2B (business to business) and O2O (online to offline) will soon follow suit.

Tsang finally predicted that although the market has become very competitive, there are also exciting times ahead for developers who now have more scope and more tools available than ever for improving apps and their uses for consumers.

Andrew Miles of OnDemandWorld said on Wednesday that “Edward Tsang delivered an interesting and insightful talk that the audience enjoyed and found extremely useful. It certainly showcased his expertise and knowledge within the industry. We are all very proud of the progress OnDemandWorld has made throughout the last seven years.”

Also at the conference, OnDemandWorld hosted five booths allowing the company to display the best that they have to offer. If this wasn’t exciting enough, OnDemandWorld also had three apps which placed in the Top 50 World Excellence Apps Competition.

OnDemandWorld is elated that three of their apps; Pinyin Chart, CatalogPad and SmartThink, all received awards in the Top 50 World Excellence Apps Competition. It shows the prestige these apps hold in the industry as well as their popularity and enjoyable user experience for consumers.

Pinyin Chart is the most popular app on the App Store to assist beginners who are learning Chinese. Users have stated that the app is a superb experience with many exciting themes to encourage children who are just beginning to learn Chinese.

CatalogPad is used by companies, entrepreneurs, wholesalers and retailers as it offers a unique catalog marketing solution for companies who wish to advance their online presence and grow sales.

SmartThink is an app that “thinks” for the user, offering easy access to proven frameworks for creative problem solving – a simple and effective brainstorming and thought organizing app designed for busy people. The app comes with popular templates, such as SWOT, Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How?, Pros vs Cons, and Facts vs Opinion.

In all, OnDemandWorld is making their mark on the industry, and the success the company enjoyed at GMIC shows how far the company has evolved over recent years. They expect this to continue and will strive to maintain these standards through ongoing improvement of existing apps and the development of future ones.OnDemandWorld
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OnDemandWorld, an independent, privately-held, profitable web and mobile platform development company based in London, UK, was formed in 2008. Its goal is to deliver applications that are both elegant and useful. If you would like further information on Chinese-English Dictionary or OnDemandWorld, or you would like to schedule an interview, please contact us. Copyright (C) 2015 OnDemandWorld. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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