Omegabundle 2012 for Real Studio Ends 9.10.2012 – Adds Icon Pack

[] Beaverton, Oregon – The Omegabundle Group announces that Omegabundle for Real Studio, the package of development components valued at over $4,002 for only $399 will end September 10, 2012. This high value offering brings together the top 14 development tools for Real Studio developers. Customers who complete a survey also qualify for a professional icon pack valued at $99 from Icon People.

Real Studio from Real Software is a complete development tool set for developing cross platform applications for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, using an advanced language. Omegabundle for Real Studio 2012 represents the best of the best add-ons, plugins and user tools available for building applications with Real Studio.

Omegabundle for Real Studio 2012 includes:

* App Wrapper. Much more than a GUI front end to Codesign and ProductBuild, it features high quality icon generation, visual Sandbox Entitlements, Help Validator & insertion, Zip compression and more – all the requirements for deploying applications on the Mac App Store.

* Arbed – The Advanced RB Editor. Arbed lets you inspect, compare and edit projects. It can synchronize code you want to share between multiple projects, show your changes between saved project versions, convert your strings into localizable constants, perform complex search and replace operations by scripting them, and much more.

* Elastic Window. Using Elastic Window, developers can design windows with a particular look in mind and ensure it will maintain a uniform look no matter what size the user makes the window. A key tool for application usability.

* Valentina Studio Pro. Available on Windows, Mac OS X or Linux (select one), Valentina Studio Pro is a powerful administration tool and report design studio for popular databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite and Valentina DB.

* Franklin 3D Professional for Real Studio. Franklin 3D is a multi-platform cross-platform 3D engine for building games, simulations and 3D applications using your favorite RAD tool on Windows and Mac OS X.

* MBS Complete. The Monkeybread Software Real Studio plug-in collection is a big toolbox to help you solving your problems. Thousands of new functions will help you developing better applications using 50 plugins (10 more than the last time MBS was offered by Omegabundle).

* MBS DynaPDF Starter Edition. Work with PDF files on Mac, Windows and Linux. Support of 60 character sets, including 17 CJK character sets and Unicode; Font Subsetting; Text formatting, output of multi-column text; Multi-page TIFF support; Color spaces DeviceGray, DeviceRGB, DeviceCMYK; Native PDF for vector graphics and images; Vector graphics, Line Dash Patterns, Shadings, Patterns; Custom Page Templates; Web links, File links, Page links, Bookmarks; Named Destinations. No differentiation between client and server application. Unlimited Delivery.

* RS Developer Magazine. The only development magazine devoted exclusively to Real Studio development. This package includes all previously published issues plus a one-year subscription, for a total of 71 issues in digital format (PDF).

* TT’s Zip Package. The Zip Package is a set of classes for reading and writing .zip files on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.

* Turner Icon Set. IconPeople Turner Icon Set Professional Edition provides you with a complete matching set of icons for your applications. Turner is a beautiful, cost effective and versatile set of 80 icons for your development projects.

* Valentina Office Server (Unlimited Connections). Valentina Office Server makes your business data more accessible, more usable – more valuable, with its advanced, blazingly fast object-relational columnar database and integrated professional reports server. Build your business around a database server that serves complex queries hundreds of times faster than the competition. Your choice of Mac OS X, Windows or Linux. Free iOS clients available!

* Valentina Reports ADK for Real Studio (Mac OS X, Windows, Linux). Valentina Reports for Real Studio is the best way to build business reporting right into your application – for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Supports grids, groups, sub-groups, charts, graphs, pictures, embedded web pages and more. Valentina Studio Pro. Manage all popular databases, such as MySQL, SQLite, Postgre and Valentina DB. Powerful SQL builder and visual reports designer. Do advanced administration of servers, and 12 months of free upgrades, including to the forthcoming Valentina 5.

* Mirye Software Shade 10 Standard. This suite of modeling, rendering and animation tools allow you to develop sophisticated 3D content for use with Franklin 3D game engine for Real Studio, or render easily maskable 3D icons and user interfaces.

* Valentina DB ADK for Real Studio. Incorporate the fastest embedded database solution with native drivers for Real Studio applications. Convert your legacy MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite or other databases over to Valentina DB and notice an exponential performance increase – its blazingly fast.

Additional information about Omegabundle for Real Studio 2012 and purchase information is available through the Omegabundle website.Omegabundle
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Omegabundle is a vertical market tools site and vendor cooperative serving professional developers and designers in the cross platform, Mac OS X and iOS dev community. Omegabundle is primarily sponsored by Paradigma Software, makers of Valentina DB, the fastest object-relational database technology on Mac OS X and iOS, and Valentina Reports, the only solution for delivering professional reporting on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.

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