OfficeTime Update Simplifies Exporting Reports; Supports iOS 6

[] London, England – Millions of business professionals are using technology to track their time for billing and productivity reasons. has released a new version of its time tracking app for iPad and iPhone which not only supports the just-released iOS 6 but enables users to export, massage and customize their time and billing reports for their specific industry needs.

The newest version of OfficeTime exports thousands more entries than ever before, providing professionals with the tools to generate the custom time and billing reports in their required formats. OfficeTime users can produce reports on their iPhone and iPad and easily email a spreadsheet ready to be used in Numbers on the iPhone or iPad, Microsoft Excel for Mac or PC, or just about any other database or spreadsheet. The app has been designed so data can be sorted, totaled and tracked.

While most time-tracking apps pepper users with questions on what data they specifically want to report on or export, the new version of OfficeTime presents a handy summary of the collected data and simply lets users drill down to the information they need. With just a few taps, users will be quickly exporting the reports that exactly match what they see on-screen.

“Unlike apps that produce exported data that may or may not provide the requested information, OfficeTime delivers exported reports after the user has been able to preview them,” said Stephen Dodd, founder of “Because you can see all the data available, OfficeTime makes it easier to decide what you don’t want rather than guessing what you do.”

About OfficeTime:
OfficeTime, designed to balance features and ease-of-use, enables users to easily track exactly what they do each day and how much they spend on each project, client and task. The company is so confident in OfficeTime’s ability to produce a tangible return-on-investment that it offers a full money-back guarantee if the app doesn’t pay for itself by registering more time than the user otherwise would have logged and invoiced.

Ideal for anyone who bills by the hour, OfficeTime makes recording and tracking time and expenses simple with a clean, elegant interface. The iPhone and iPad versions focus on ease-of-use, recognizing that if time tracking is simple, users will be more likely to do it. OfficeTime takes great care to minimize how many finger taps it takes to do something. For example, it can preselect the most common task for a project, allow one tap entry of common notes, and let users edit anything they can see, even in a report, with a tap.

Pricing and Availability:
OfficeTime 1.5 for iPhone and iPad is available in the App Store for $7.99 (USD), while the PC and Mac versions can be purchased at for $47 (USD). Unlike web-based time-tracking applications, OfficeTime does not require a monthly subscription fee.OfficeTime 1.5
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App Icon was established in 2003 as a spin-off from Transcena Design of Edmonton, Canada. OfficeTime was developed in response to Transcena’s urgent need for an easy-to-use, effective, time-tracking application. Designed and continually improved by the same developers who were relying on it every day, OfficeTime was an immediate success when released to the public. Copyright (C) 2012 OfficeTime. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod, iPad and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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