OCM Amp at the Southampton International Boat Show

We are excited to announce that our dealer partner Ideal Boat will be presenting the 2 OCM AMP Boats at the Southampton International Boat Show at Mayflower Park, Southampton from 11-20 September 2020.

The OCM AMP will be showcased in our 2 most popular sizes, 8.4 meter and 7.1 meter.

Looking forward to see you there!

And not to worry, the show has been specially developed to include all the necessary COVID-19 secure measures you would expect, including social distancing.

Why go with and OCM AMP?
More Freedom; on and off land, you can take your boat anytime by yourself
More Reach; you can reach and access any island, beach or hidden grove
More Adventure; Live the Amphibious way

OCM Amp 8.4 meter
The 8.4m OCM Amphibious Boat is the ideal sized boat for yacht tender. Great for transporting guests ashore, for water sports and for crew activities, these tenders can be customized with a multitude of equipment and accessories to the specifications needed.

OCM Amp 7.1 meter
The 7.1m OCM Amphibious Boat is a very sought-after size. It is big enough to allow full customization, design of the platform and have enough space for storage while having the ease of manoeuverability of smaller boats. This Amphibious boat is ideal for small families to enjoy a great day in the sea.

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