nVeil – New image remix tool for Mac: joins photos/video with vector art

[prMac.com] Mill Valley, California – Storek Studio today is delighted to announce the release of nVeil for Mac OS X. nVeil invents a new art form: nVeil is is a graphic remix tool for Mac that plays with the hidden image, always displaying a harmonic palette of colors, and most music syncs with nVeiled video through a proximal incidence algorithm.

nVeil generates works of digital abstract cubism, after the pioneers, Picasso, Matisse, Klee and others, by filtering photos or video through vector-drawn veils (100 are included in the nVeil Library, and are easily custom user-drawn). Colors and motion come from the source imagery, and can then be further modified with nVeil’s controls.

nVeil began as an optical television display filter, inspired by the blurred glow from a tv seen at long distance, displaying unintended abstract color and motion, a new creative visual resource discovered. nVeil is designed for anyone with a Mac wanting to explore the remixing of images with veils (simple vector line drawings) and music, including photographers, graphic artists, typographers, music/video makers and all the rest of us. It is now two Mac apps that can be seen in action on nVeil’s website, nVplay and nVmake.

Things you can do with nVeil:
* Create stained-glass-like abstractions that morph into the source image, and reverse
* Create a harmonic palette of colors drawn from the source imagery
* Allow portions of the source image to remain unveiled, nVeiling the rest
* nVeil a live video camera feed
* Add selected colors or reverse colors in portions (cells) of the veil
* Create active overlay logo bugs that vary by the image colors behind
* Discover almost any music syncs with nVeiled video
* Create a bunch of new things we have yet to discover

System Requirements:
* OSX 10.7 (Lion) and above

Pricing and Availability:
nVeil is comprised of two Mac apps, nVplay and nVmake. nVplay is $29 (USD) and includes 100 predesigned veils. nVmake, the veil-making app, goes for $39. Both apps bundled are $49 (USD). Subscribers will be sent how-to videos, tips, the nVeil User Guide and new uses.Storek Studio
Image Gallery
Vimeo Video

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