Numerics supports iPad Pro and Apple Pencil on launch

[] Mumbai, India – Cynapse is excited to announce the availability of their popular business dashboard app, Numerics on the iPad Pro on launch day! Numerics has been optimized and redesigned with a unique new experience for the iPad Pro’s large screen size. With the highest resolution Retina display, Numerics on the iPad Pro displays up to 24 different metrics in Numerics before scrolling, double the number of widgets presented on the regular iPad screen.

Unlike other dashboard software, Numerics processes and creates dashboards by fetching metrics from a variety of services on the device, without using any servers. iPad Pro’s powerful computing capacity makes the processing of this data on the device very fast and makes the experience of using Numerics with a large number of dashboards and widgets, buttery smooth.

Numerics v4.2 introduces a new feature Dashboard Markup. Earlier users could take snapshots of the dashboards or widgets in Numerics to share them as reports with colleagues for further collaboration. With the markup feature, users can now share further insights and observations by adding annotations or highlighting important numbers on the dashboard snapshot before sharing it. A user can annotate a dashboard with their finger or use the Apple Pencil to highlight, underline, write comments and create insightful reports.

Numerics takes advantage of Apple Pencil’s pressure sensitivity and tilt detection making your annotations feel more expressive and natural. When the Apple Pencil is tilted over 70 degrees, the pencil turns into an Obfuscator. In this mode, the strokes become broad and thick and can be used to obscure any numbers or widgets you don’t want to share in the snapshot.

Apurva Roy Choudhury, CEO of Cynapse said, “The iPad Pro’s big screen and big processing power allows a much better user experience while the Apple Pencil coupled with multitasking enables unprecedented collaboration features in Numerics that we think our users will fall in love with!”.

Users can mark up dashboards in Numerics, copy the snapshot and paste it into a productivity app like Keynote or Microsoft Word running side by side in one of the multitasking modes to create beautiful reports in a few taps and pencil strokes.

Numerics v4.2 also adds support for the new gestures added on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus with 3D Touch. Users can now directly launch Numerics into one of their top 3 dashboards or jump to the full list of all dashboards using the new Quick Actions, accessed by pressing the Numerics app icon from the home screen.

This version also adds a new service integration to Numerics – Intercom. Intercom is a popular customer communication platform that website owners and app developers use to support and interact with customers.

Numerics v4.2 adds 4 Intercom widget packs – User Stats, Admin Stats, Company Stats and Conversation Stats with 25 pre-designed widgets giving you some great insights presented in intuitive pie charts, funnel lists and number tallies.

A complete list of What’s New in v4.2 is available on the App Store.

Pricing and Availability:
The Numerics v4.2 update is free for existing users and is available worldwide through the App Store in the Business Category. To celebrate the launch of the new version, the price of Numerics has been dropped by 50% for a limited time. If you are a writer and have any questions, please contact us.Numerics 4.2
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