Now Kid’s Can Drive a School Bus On The iPad – Tiny Drivers: Schoolbus

[] Halifax, Canada – Halifax, Canada – A new and vibrant iOS game, from TouchTilt Games, hits the iPad this week. Tiny Drivers: Schoolbus has Retina display graphics, easy Game Center Achievements for kids, and lots of school-bus-driving fun!

Tiny Drivers: Schoolbus is an entertaining way for your child to learn about the alphabet and letter sounds while taking on the role of the bus driver. Have fun picking up kids and driving them to school, all while learning the letters of the alphabet with word association. The two game modes are ‘Show & Tell’ with object and word association, and ‘Letter Search’ which focuses on the sound of each letter in the alphabet.

“Tiny Drivers: Schoolbus evolved from the success of Tiny Diggers, in which you operate construction trucks while learning colors, numbers and shapes,” says Shane Whitehouse of TouchTilt Games. “Young kids love the whole school bus experience, so we wanted to create a new driving game that gives them the feeling of being in control of this big, bright yellow truck, but also having fun while learning at the same time. With the positive response we received from many parents about Tiny Diggers, we look forward to receiving many more positive responses, as well as new photos and videos of their children playing Tiny Drivers: Schoolbus on the iPad.”

In Tiny Drivers: Schoolbus, aimed at kids aged 2-6, players get to choose a boy or girl to drive the bus. The primary goal is to learn about the alphabet: how each letter sounds, what the letters look like, as well as object and word association. Players pick up the kids they see on the sidewalk, who are waiting for the bus to take them to school. Not only is the bus interactive, such as the doors and stop sign, but there are also other interactive objects in the scenery. The player even has the ability to stop traffic when the school bus stop sign is on. Once all the kids have been picked up, the player gets an inside view of the bus from the driver’s rearview mirror. This scene acts as a recap of what the child has learned, allowing the player to touch each object or letter that has been picked up. After the recap, the player drives the bus to the school where he or she can drop the kids off at school. Each replay of the level shuffles with random letters.

Game Modes and Features:
Show & Tell –
* Letter and word sounds
* Object association
Letter Search –
* Letter sounds
* Focus on what each letter looks like
Other features –
* Animated characters and dozens of sounds
* Easy Gamecenter Achievements for kids
* iPad 3 Retina graphics
* No confusing menus or navigation
* Professional soundtrack by Hessel Van Hoorn

Tiny Drivers: Schoolbus is a nice compliment to TouchTilt Games’ other educational title, Tiny Diggers. The imaginative artwork is bright and colourful, with sleek animation and backgrounds. The interactive gameplay makes it easy to forget that your child is engaged in learning.

Device Requirements:
* Requires iPad with iOS 4.3 or later
* 28.2 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Tiny Drivers: Schoolbus 1.0 is $1.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Education category.Tiny Drivers: Schoolbus 1.0
Purchase and Download
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