Notes Marketplace records 50,000 users, 1000+ transactions in 4 months

[] New Delhi, India – As students, were you bothered to get the best notes from your classmates or peers in college? Being toppers, were you stalked often by others for your carefully prepared notes? Or did you ever frantically search for notes before exams or for a presentation which was due the next day? The practice of sharing notes has been around for hundreds of years and each campus, school and students has its own stories of ‘solid’ notes. But how convenient it would had been if there was an option of obtaining these ‘very important’ notes on your mobile at a mere cost of Rs 50 or Rs 100, that too from the best minds across India & around globe such as IIT, IIMs, MIT, Stanford, Harvard and many others.

Notesgen is an answer to all notes requirements for students and professionals. Termed as the Global Notes Marketplace, Notesgen is an EdTech startup that focuses on creating a notes sharing platform for all kinds of subjects, enabling students, educators, professionals and even institutions to share their self-prepared notes, typed notes, assignments, presentations, case-studies, blogs, articles, surveys, researches, etc. and sell them across the globe multiple times. Available on both website and mobile app, Notesgen currently offers 14 categories like: Engineering, Law, Arts, Management, IAS, CA/CS, JEE, etc.

Analysts have often maintained that the mobile platform and mobile internet have the potential to disrupt education like never before. Notesgen believes in creating a global notes marketplace to supplement and complement the self-learning experience by harnessing commerce and technology. Using technology, is making your notes go global.

Users can login to the marketplace, browse or search for notes, preview and judge its usefulness and purchase the notes for their own use for a small price. The startup has just come out of private beta and has growth hacked its way to 50K users from 20 countries; 10K student notes, and 1000 transactions. Clearly there is appetite for high quality student notes in the world.

The Apple and Android app provides the user an easy way to sell their notes by just clicking the picture of their notes using the phone’s camera. The App also has a unique notes request feature that allows users to share their notes requirements in the form of a status update. This way buyers are able to express their notes requirements in their own words, thereby increasing the probability of getting the exact notes required. The app is also internet-friendly, as the purchased notes can be read on the mobile app anytime, anywhere without 3G or WiFi.

The Notesgen team believes that innovation is the solution for everything. The team recently introduced NCash – a digital currency system for its users. Everytime a user registers, adds their notes or makes a purchase on Notesgen, they will be given NCash. It is like a cash back offer for performing activities on the app. This feature basically helps users get a full walk-though of the app and make a purchase without paying anything. It helps Notesgen build trust with its customers. The sellers get their earnings every Friday and can spend their earnings in a way they want to. Our main aim is to make the best notes available to students using technology and innovation. NCash is one such innovative feature in our bucket list.

Notesgen is also witnessing usage from across the globe, even with limited promotion and controlled access validating that there is a global opportunity ahead of the young startup. The producers, are users who upload notes includes students, educators, professionals and the consumers, the users who purchase the notes includes students, parents even professional training organizations looking for high-quality content.

Notesgen bridges the academic resource gap through its online marketplace helping students from tier-II, III cities get acess to all forms of student notes and content from students spread across institutions like IITs, IIMs, MITs and Stanford etc. Most of the educational content providers are focused on creating content which are highly graded and difficult to understand. But as the providers are students, the notes are more easily understood and also help in creating a social network between students from different geographies and institutions. The pricing of the notes is also done by the notes sharers themselves which makes the notes/content economical. Notesgen does provide a guide to sellers on ‘how to price their notes’, but the final decision is left to the seller himself.

How Notesgen Started?
Notesgen was ideated by Manak Gulati while pursuing his MS in eBusiness Technology at Carnegie Mellon University, USA. Post his MS, Manak gave up a lucrative job offer from Ernst and Young, and started a global marketplace for Notes. Looking at this domain, it was evident to him that students often had insufficient notes and reach out to their friends/classmates for help. Not all students are good at taking notes, and the one who takes good notes, don’t share them with others easily.

With so much competition today, it is hard to convince someone to share their notes. But, if an incentive (in monetary terms) is provided to the notes sharer, things could work out smoothly for all. The critical edge Notesgen has is that the notes shared on the platform belong to the students themselves and thus, it is all from the perspective of the student. Buyers are provided with a 3 page preview of the notes, description of the notes, price, seller info, views, etc. which makes the purchase process easier and faster.

Although Notesgen was started by Manak Gulati, he was quickly joined by Roman Khan and Ankur Sharma (childhood friends) who handle the Tech Development and Operations process respectively. Roman is the force that drives the tech development on mobile as well as web platforms. Ankur handles the Operations part of Notesgen.

From getting the right talent to do a job to making sure that the work gets done on time, Ankur ensures all pieces are in place and nothing goes out of the boundaries. Manak is responsible for Business Strategy and Product Execution. He is the brain behind the implementation of Notesgen. Manak is known for thinking way ahead in time. It is his vision and process of execution that drives passion and innovation into Notesgen.

The team is known for creating innovative disruptive solutions and have developed a Global Notes Marketplace to solve a core problem. The team is relentless in their approach to simplify the sharing of notes and emphasise a lot on developing out-of-box features. Our solution set is very clear – to create a product that will add immense value to the customer and fulfil their needs. The team, therefore, focuses a lot on building a unique solution. We are totally focused on what we are developing, and it is easier for us to decide on our actions and find the best possible solutions.

The Notesgen Team have developed a beautiful, user-friendly and technologically advanced education platform where the power is given into the hands of the users themselves to help them supplement their self-learning process. Notesgen wants to become the data bank of intellectual notes being created all over the globe. With the launch of the mobile apps on Android and Apple platforms, Notesgen becomes first of its kind notes marketplace: for the students, by the students.

After successfully raising an angel investment round of USD 50,000 in Jan 2015 from prominent education veteran Satya – CEO Career Launcher, and startup investors Arvind Jha (CEO: Pariksha Labs) and Rajeev Saraf (CEO: Lepton Software), Notesgen is now looking to raise further stage funds to expand to reach every corner of the world, and add along more of its innovative features. As the investors express, “Notesgen is a deep social impact product, highly innovative and disruptive.”.

Key Differentiator:
Notesgen gives the power in the hands of the users as the content is created, sold and bought by the users themselves who are mostly students. Therefore, it creates an interface between students who understand the perspective of the buyer as per the exact requirements. Neither, the provider asks for exorbitant prices for their notes which makes the content easily available and economical.

Satya -CL Educate CEO describes the initiative saying, “If a student can have access to student prepared notes from reputed institutions like MIT, Carnegie Mellon, IITs, IIMs, or Stanford, it will be a great value addition.”

Manak believes that Notesgen is a product that will help students accelerate their success, learn the art of making notes, share and learn, and improve education. Right of education is for all. Notesgen is the a Notes Marketplace for the students, by the students, to share learn and earn.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
* Optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6/6 Plus
* Requires iOS 7.0 or later
* 12.3 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Notesgen 1.1 (app) is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Education category.Notesgen 1.1
Download from iTunes
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Notesgen Technologies Private Limited is a technology based organization that has developed the product Notesgen: A Global Notes Marketplace. Notesgen Technologies is located in the capital of India: New Delhi. The company defines its work culture by Innovation and Passion. All Material and Software (C) Copyright 2015 Notesgen Technologies Private Limited. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.

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