Notelist 4.0 Allows Managing Notes and Store Data in Free Format

[] Milano, Italy – Notelist 4.0 allows to manages notes and store data in free format using color categories. NoteList is a free format notes collector where you can save notes in text or RTF format with images included. You can even copy and paste website from safari and they will be saved as rtf with images embedded.

In Notelist any note has an assigned category, where each category has a distinctive color and label, this allows to identify the content of notes at the first sight. Categories are editable as the user needs and they give to the user the main instrument to catalog and browse notes inside a document. The user can create and manage how many categories he needs inside any document and apply them to notes.

Notes can be filtered and sorted by name, content, category, creation and modification date. Selecting a note from the table shows the note in detail. The user can edit and modify the selected note at any time. Any Notelist documents remember all these setting also after successive relaunches.

Any note can be modified and edited, dragging and dropping images from the finder and applying font, style and size as in a true word processor. Various tools are available to manipulate text, search and replace, rules, spelling. At any time a note can be converted to a text only format.

NoteList it’s ideal to manage a high numbers of notes inside a single document, even when size of any note is very large. Any text or rtf or rtfd file can be imported as a note simply dragging it from the finder to the list of notes.

NoteList is macOS 10.13 optimized. NoteList allows users to specify a default startup document to open at the application launch (for frequent used notes).

* Document based, allows to manage your data in more then one file
* Any document can contain an unlimited number of notes
* Saves document always with auto recovery on
* Allows to have note in any format: TEXT, RTF, RTFD (RTF images)
* Can concatenate user selected notes in a single text, sending the resulting text both to clipboard or to disk, all in one click !
* Copy and Paste from Safari preserves formatting and links
* Full set of tools for formatting and working with text as in a word processor
* Drag and Drop of images directly inside a document note to embed it.
* Dragging and dropping a TXT, RTF, RTFD file creates a new note inside the document
* Color label categories to help organise all your notes
* Fast internal search as you type and by category
* Sort in list by Creation Date and Modification Date
* Remembers search terms used
* Any documents remembers settings over re-launch
* macOS 10.13 optimized with Resume, Auto Save, Versions, Full screen, Sandbox
* Embedded PDF user guide accessible from the Help Menu.

What’s New in this Version:
* Better editable rich text zones with rules and search in place inside notes
* Improved list table with now also editable state
* Improved command to manage rules and other text tools in all the notes
* Improved modern search algorithm for notes and categories
* Find can now remember a list of used terms (saved pressing return)
* Improved export functions
* Improved management of multiple notes at once with commands applying to all
* Various bug fixes
* Code optimizations

Pricing and Availability:
Notelist 4 is just $9.99 USD (or an equivalent amount on other currencies) and is available worldwide through the Mac App Store. The app is also available through the Tension Software website.Tension Software
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