Noteboom Productions Introduces Tutor for Mac OS X El Capitan

[] Holland, Michigan – Noteboom Productions, Ltd. today is proud to announce the release of Tutor for Mac OS X El Capitan, their latest video tutorial for the Mac is now available. Tutor for Mac OS X El Capitan consists of 75 easy-to-follow video lessons designed to give users a better understanding of how to effectively use Apple’s latest operating system for the Mac.

Tutor for Mac OS X El Capitan covers various subjects including OS X terminology, migrating from Windows, getting around OS X with the Finder, and using the Dock and Menu Bar. It also includes lessons on setting up OS X default behaviors through System Preferences, installing and uninstalling Apps, and working with documents.

This new tutorial is included with a membership to NoteboomTutorials online. Membership is subscription based and includes access to tutorials on OS X iMovie, OS X Photos, OS X Calendar, and various tutorials for the iPad and iPhone. Membership also includes access to new tutorials as they are released. Users can watch the tutorials on any device – Mac, iPad, or iPhone. The site tracks the tutorials users are enrolled in as well as a user’s progress by tracking individual lessons as they are viewed.

“We are excited to add Tutor for Mac OS X El Capitan to our catalog of tutorials, said Dan Wassink, President of Noteboom Productions, Ltd. “We work hard to explain all of the features of OS X El Capitan in simple terms and video demonstrations. Our tutorials have been well received so far as our existing tutorials have had over 200,000 downloads in the App Store as well as nearly 650 five-star ratings. We look forward to helping many more people use their Macs more effectively with this latest tutorial – Tutor for Mac OS X El Capitan.”

Features include:
* 75 Easy-to-Follow Videos
* Tutorials are Divided into Short Chapters each being an average of 5 minutes
* Low-Cost Solution to Comprehensive Training
* View Tutorial on any device
* Includes access to Multiple Tutorials
* Includes access to over 1,100 individual Lessons
* Progress in Tutorial is Kept Track in Website

* Introduction to OS X El Capitan

Getting to Know your Mac:
* Getting to know your Mac Introduction
* OS X Terminology
* OS X Folder Hiearchy
* Tips for Migrating from Windows

Getting to Know the Finder:
* Getting to know the Finder Introduction
* Working with the Finder
* Finder Window Toolbar
* Finder Window Sidebar
* Working with Tabs
* Finder Preferences

Getting to Know the Dock:
* Getting to know the Dock Introduction
* Working with the Dock
* Dock Options for Applications
* Dock Options for Folders and Documents
* Changing the Dock Preferences

Getting to Know the Menu Bar:
* Getting to know the Menu Bar Introduction
* Apple Menu in the Menu Bar
* Application Menus and Menu Extras

Getting Around your Mac:
* Getting Around your Mac Introduction
* Switching Applications
* Using the Secondary Menu
* Searching with Spotlight
* Using Mission Control
* Using the Dashboard
* Notifications and the Today View
* Using Spring Loaded Folders

Setting Up your Mac:
* Setting up your Mac Introduction
* System Preferences View Options
* Setting General Preferences
* Changing your Desktop and Screensaver
* Language and Region Preferences
* Security and Privacy Preferences
* Changing Display Preferences
* Changing Energy Preferences
* Changing Keyboard Preferences
* Changing Mouse Preferences
* Changing Trackpad Preferences
* Adding Printers and Scanners
* A Quick look at Sound Preferences
* Setting up iCloud
* Adding Internet Accounts
* Enabling Extensions
* A Quick look at Network Preferences
* A Quick look at Bluetooth Preferences
* Sharing Options for your Mac
* Adding Users and Groups
* Adding a Guest Account
* Setting Up Parental Controls
* Software Update and the App Store
* Using Dictation and Text to Speech
* Date & Time, and Startup Disk
* Backing Up with Time Machine
* A Quick Look at Accessibility Options

Working with Applications:
* Working with Applications Introduction
* Accessing the Applications Folder
* Using Launchpad for Organizing Apps
* Installing Applications
* Uninstalling Applications
* Using Apps in Full Screen
* Using Split View

What’s New in El Capitan Applications:
* What’s New in OS X El Capitan Applications Introduction
* What’s New in Mail
* What’s New in Safari
* What’s New in Notes
* What’s New in Photos
* What’s New in Maps

Working with Documents and Folders:
* Working with Documents and Folders Introduction
* Saving and Autosaving Documents
* Selecting Documents and Folders
* Restoring Previously Saved Documents
* Moving, Copying, and Grouping Items
* Tagging Folders and Documents
* Deleting and Emptying the Trash
Compressing Files and Folders

Pricing and Availability:
Tutor for Mac OS X El Capitan is included in membership to NoteboomTutorials online. Membership is available for $8 USD a month, $19 USD a quarter, and $59 USD annual subscription.Noteboom Productions
Tutor for OS X El Capitan
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Noteboom Productions, Ltd., an independent developer based out of Holland, Michigan, was formed in 2010 by Dan Wassink and Beth Wassink for the purpose of creating video tutorials for the iPhone/iPod touch, iPad, and the Macintosh computer. Copyright (C) 2015 Noteboom Productions, Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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