Not Just Another Handwriting App, Smarty Print Has It All

[] Washington, District Of Columbia – Smarty Print Handwriting in unlike any other letter tracing or handwriting app in the app store but not unlike most SmartyShortz apps where there is always an element of fun and positive reinforcement!

Created in conjunction with a Kindergarten teacher, that needed an all inclusive handwriting app for her classroom iPads, to replace her $2000 per school year worth of classroom workbooks. Angie Cross a Kindergarten teacher of 10 years, had done the research after 2 years with a classroom lucky enough to have iPads donated from a family, desperately wanted to put them to use in a more productive way. Using expensive workbooks and making copies is a big part of her classroom budget as well as waste of paper,

Mrs. Cross wanted an app that included upper case, lower case, sight words, the phonics to accompany, practice templates, teacher assessment and even a fully interactive coloring book as well as her favorite artist Jackson Pollock section for her students to splatter paint to Pollocks favorite classical music! The app is Smarty Print and includes 8 sections needed in every Kindergarten- 1st Grade classroom, and zealous parents wanting to get a head start or reinforcement of what is being taught in the classroom. Mrs. Cross also instituted a NO MORE HANDS campaign, and created a Stylus Gripper Pencil to mirror a #2 pencil with the needed grippers for her students to use on the iPads, taking away the chance of creating bad habits by using their pointer fingers on key letter formation strokes.

Smarty Print’s 8 sections include;
* 2 tracing sections for upper & lower case and sight words with pronunciation and vocals (choice of either Zaner Bloser and Denelian types)
* 2 practice sections for free hand practice, one for instructor assessment
* 1 Coloring Book section for taking photos, making photos into cartoons, black/white coloring pages and free hand drawing
* 1 Art section for creating Jackson Pollock style splatter art with classical music
* 1 Feedback section for instructor assessment that can be printed and emailed
* 1 Information section for simple instruction walkthrough

Smarty Print allows a user to enjoy practicing and learning letters, write, read and hear sight words then be rewarded with artistic creativity time that can be printed out, emailed or saved to the device.

Smarty Stylus Pencils were also designed by this passionate teacher to help facilitate proper letter structure while tracing on an iPad or iPhone. Smarty Stylus Gripper Pencils Kits for the classroom, individual pencils for home use/parents and teacher stylus pens are available at website.SmartyShortz
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SmartyShortz LLC is creating products that are of the highest educational quality without the hefty price tag. SmartyShortz Shop develops apps under the SmartyShortz umbrella as well as apps for clients including various speech therapy and health related apps. Smarty’s shop packs punches with a team full of passionate educators, talented developers, game designers and creative artists but the company claims to take constant inspiration and user interface cues from their own students and children who serve as beta testers to their developers. Copyright (C) 2012 SmartyShortz LLC. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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