Noma Unveils Showrooms & Latest Lighting Trends For Christmas 2021

NOMA is probably the closest thing you will find to Santa’s workshop, the offices and showrooms are adorned with garlands, alpine fragranced trees, and sparkling Christmas lights 365 days a year.

The company has been shaping the Christmas lighting market for over 80 years, designing elegant and magical lighting concepts that illuminates countless homes and gardens across the UK.

NOMA was founded in 1939 in north London at the outbreak of World War Two. The post-war period saw the company quickly expand into manufacturing Christmas light sets, becoming the traditional cornerstone of NOMA products to this day.

The Christmas market is forever evolving, with 2020 presenting more challenges than ever. To showcase the latest lighting trends and new technologies, NOMA has announced the launch of its 2021 showroom, as well as a new “virtual” interactive showroom.

Frank Kaminski, Marketing Director said: “We recognised that trade customers may find it difficult to experience the magic of stepping into a NOMA showroom, due to national lockdowns and travel restrictions, which is why we’ve developed a virtual interactive experience to bring the magic of NOMA to their doorsteps.”

NOMA has also unveiled an exciting new selection of app-controlled lights, bespoke colour synched outdoor characters, as well as the new range of “Starry Nights” trees for Christmas 2021.

NOMA Showroom Preview Video:

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