Ninepins App offered at half price for iOS, Mac, Android, Linux, Windows

[] Hannover, Germany – Welcome to the virtual Nine-pin Bowling Alley! Those who like to roll that heavy ball down the lane whenever they want can get the 3D-Simulation of “Ninepins” for a computer or mobile device. This elaborate game simulates a bowling alley and accommodates up to nine players. Version 1.8 is now available for iOS (iPhone and iPad), Mac, Windows, Linux, Kindle and Android. Just in time for the Christmas promotion, “Ninepin Bowling” is only half price from 22 through 28 December 2012.

* New release: “Ninepin Bowling” 1.8
* Game App for iOS (iPhone, iPad), Mac, Windows, Linux, Kindle and Android
* Single player mode with virtual AI-opponent
* Free trial games on the web (Flash required)
* Up to 9 real players can compete
* Lane is rendered like a real bowling alley
* Realistic bowling action thanks to its own physics engine
* Up to 20 rounds of single throws per player
* Elaborate 3D-Graphics
* Special price: “Ninepin Bowling” is half price from 22 through 28.12.2012

More and more Nine-pin bowling alleys are closing. But it’s so much fun to send that heavy ball rolling down that long lane toward nine standing pins with the hope that all will fall. There is good news for all those seasoned fans of Nine-pin Bowling. Version 1.8 is now available for every conceivable platform. The Flash version can be tried out for free on the web. If you like the simulation, you can purchase it at a low price for your computer or mobile devic

“Ninepin Bowling” is available for all major systems. A real feature: “Ninepin Bowling” can be started on the Windows PC, used on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, installed on the Mac, accessed by the Kindle and Android devices, and also started with Linux. The multi-platform game can be played by bowling fans regardless of their system.

The players who start “Ninepin Bowling” enjoy a 3D lane that is based on an official bowling alley. The player grabs the ball and competes against several virtual opponents. It is also possible to start a multiplayer game with up to nine participants. Before each game, you can choose how many rounds you want in the match, with the maximum being 20 rounds. Each player throws only once per round and scores points. It is not possible to throw a spare or a second ball to knock down the remaining pins.

The game is played with the fingers. Swipe a finger on the mobile device (or use a mouse on a stationary PC) to send the ball on its way. The pins are animated and go falling when hit, and the points are displayed on the scoreboard.

To score points: Each player gets 2 points for every pin that falls. If all nine fall (Strike), an extra 5 points are awarded. If all pins fall but the “King” in the middle, the player has thrown a “Ring” and an extra 10 points are awarded. If only the king falls, it’s worth 12 points. If the ball goes past and doesn’t hit any pins, the play is called a “Pump” and points are taken away. At the end of all the rounds, the player with the highest score wins.

Pricing and Availability:
Christmas promotion: “Ninepin Bowling” is half price. Whoever tries out “Ninepin Bowling” on the web and discovers a new virtual sport will enjoy the current Christmas deal. “Ninepin Bowling” is available on all platforms and for half price from 22 through 28 December 2012. The iOS and the Mac versions cost only EUR 0,89 instead of EUR 1,79. The Android app on Google Play is offered for EUR 1,18 instead of EUR 2,37.Ninepins Christmas Promotion
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