NimNik Launches Jenga With An Animal Twist On Amazon – A Must Have Stacking Game This Festive Season

The season of holidays is incomplete without joyful games, laughter, and surprises. It’s the most awaiting time of year when we celebrate together, buy gifts, and spread happiness with family and friends. Children are most excited about their new gifts and toys that Santa Clouse bought for them. Why not make the most out of these holidays with NimNik’s latest tumbling tower stacking game?

Surprise your kid and enjoy family time with NimNik’s very own theme to a stacking game (Jenga) full of colours and animals printed on it instead of numbers and plain wooden blocks. Click on the link to order from Amazon now –

Tumbling Tower game is an all-time favourite played in indoor parties or a family night and get-together, anytime, anywhere for generations. The rules of the game are simple to understand by anyone “don’t let the tower crash”. It involves little suspense and luck. Roll the dice and pull out the block corresponding to the animal that comes up on the dice. Once the block has been successfully pulled out, place it on top of the pile carefully. As the pile gets taller, the game becomes more complex. Only the last player to stack a block on the tower, without toppling it over, WINS!

Give the spark to your kid’s birthday party, house party, or gift them as a Christmas present. The game educates them too in a fun way as it helps in visualizing animals and colours. Stacking games are good for hand-eye coordination, give a sense of teamwork under pressure, analytical reasoning, balancing skills, and also improves cognitive skills in kids. On the other hand, it helps you to create a bond with your kid when played together. The game is solo player to multiplayer as well.

The company ensures to provide superior quality kids toys and games at an affordable price. The only best quality hardwood is used to make blocks, no MDF, no harmful chemicals, and plastic is used. The design is durable and sturdy, well built with smooth edges, vibrant colours, and animals printed on blocks. It consists of 54 pcs blocks and 1 dice.

The NimNik Animal Tumbling Tower Game is on sale on Amazon now. It makes an attractive Christmas gift for kids age 6 years and above. Amazon Prime members get the added benefit of free same day or next day delivery.

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