Nice Trace and Net Status Network Utilities Go Free

[] Vilnius, Lithuania – Happymagenta offers its network diagnostic apps Nice Trace and Net Status on sale for free during a special weekend sale from 15th through 17th of January. Nice Trace and Net Status are great for home, office, corporate LAN and Wi-Fi hotspot owners, network administrators, security specialists, developers and everyone who needs to diagnose and resolve network issues and easily do everyday network tasks.

Nice Trace – the most advanced traceroute app for iOS. The tool traces the route to the host in the Internet using easy, user-friendly interface and animations. You will immediately get information about any possible bottlenecks and problems since Nice Trace never stops working. It continues to monitor the whole path to the network resource in real time and keeps you informed.

Net Status lets you get a fast glimpse of what is happening now with your hosts, routers and other network devices connected to the Internet or LAN. The tool checks network services your hosts run for availability and presents the information in a convenient way in order to speed up the diagnostics of network problems. With Net Status you can quickly and easily determine which hosts and services are down from your monitoring list.

Nice Trace Features:
* Real-time path monitoring with packet loss detection
* Easily spot possible network bottlenecks
* Country of origin detection of the network owner
* Network range and AS number lookup
* WHOIS hostnames, IP addresses, ASNs
* E-mail trace results
* Ultrafast asynchronous network I/O
* Shows IP address
* Shows Reverse hostname (PTR DNS record)
* Shows Autonomous system (AS) number
* Shows Country of the network owner
* Shows Average packets round trip time (RTT)
* Shows Counts of packets that were sent and received
* Shows Percentage of the packet loss
* Shows IP network range (in hop details)
* Shows Other hops IP addresses and hostnames (in hop details)

Net Status Features:
* Group hosts into multiple checklists
* Automatic scan of hosts for running services
* E-mail check results
* Predefined services for your convenience
* Possibility to add custom services
* Checks ICMP, TCP and UDP
* MAC address and hardware vendor lookup
* Wake on LAN or Wi-Fi (by MAC address)
* Wake over the Internet (using proper routers)
* Ping hosts with integrated tool
* WHOIS hostnames, IP addresses
* Ultrafast asynchronous network I/O

Pricing and Availability:
Nice Trace (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) and Net Status (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) are available on the iTunes App Store for free for a limited time (15-17th of January). More information, including screenshots and videos is available on the Happymagenta website.Nice Trace
Net Status
Nice Trace (Purchase and Download)
Net Status (Purchase and Download)
Nice Trace Screenshots
Net Status Screenshots

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