Next Steps Community presents NextSteps DevCon “The Future is Now” Virtual Conference

The Next Steps Community will host its 2nd installment of the NextSteps DevCon, “The Future is Now” virtual conference on Tuesday, November 10-12, 2020. It will feature Fortune 500 companies like Google and successful entrepreneurs, excited to teach and share their expertise with engineering professionals.

NextSteps DevCon “The Future is Now” is a virtual experience created for engineers at all experience levels, who want to learn, interact and grow. The NextSteps DevCon virtual experience for developers is a three-day event, starting at 12:00 p.m. EST on Tuesday, November 10 and ending November 12th. All events will be held online via Streamyard, and each day will start at 12:00p.m. EST. It is packed with skill-building workshops, panel discussions and career guidance expertise in addition to the excellent one-on-one discussions with engineering leaders.

Day one is dedicated to new engineers, who are starting their journeys and interested in establishing their paths. It will consist of a focus on your journey panel, hosted by Mailchimp, a career workshop and conversations with successful engineers. This series will show them that there is no single path, but instead, many paths to become a successful engineer across many industries.

Although day two will intrigue beginners too, it is designed to discuss advanced topics in engineering like AI in the future and really enable participants to build new, competitive skills via workshops for the more experienced engineer. More importantly, Aston Motes, Entrepreneur and the first Dropbox employee, who led engineering for the website and API, will be the keynote speaker for the event.

On the last day of the conference, the focus is entrepreneurship. Attendees will learn how a number of engineers used their skill set to build their own successful companies too. All attendees can enjoy the panels and the insightful one-on-one discussions for FREE. For those interested in the skill-building workshops, they can select from a couple upgrade packages, ranging from $49-$89. Register at

In light of coronavirus and healthcare’s long-standing challenges, the black community has been disproportionality adversely affected. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, not only has their health declined, but an alarming 41% (440,000) of black-owned businesses shut down compared to just 17% of their white counterparts between February and April, according to a University of California, Santa Cruz report and the National Bureau of Economic Research.

With this as the backdrop, Next Steps DevCon was founded by Marlon Avery, a software engineer and currently, the Technical Director for Lightship Capital, in direct response to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Marlon said, “I thought that this “shelter-in-place” requirement was only going to last a month or two, but when I realized it was basically indefinite, I decided to create NextSteps DevCon because I did not want people to forget their goals.” He wanted people to have a plan and see the light for what they were going to do post COVID-19.

To find out more information about NextSteps DevCon, please contact Nicola Mattis/Marlon Avery at 404-923-0171 or info ( @ ) nextstepscon dot com dot

About NextSteps DevCon
NextSteps DevCon is a virtual experience with a mission to do one thing; provide as much value to software engineers as possible. It was conceptualized in 2020 to support engineers in pursuit of their career goals in spite of the global coronavirus pandemic of 2020. It created a community of engineer professionals interested in growing their careers and working with others with similar goals to become impactful engineer professionals and entrepreneurs.

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