Next of Kin, a spectacular thriller written by a former Royal Marines Commando

Scott Barron grew up on a mining estate in the midlands during the turbulent 1980s. He spent over a decade as a Royal Marine Commando in many roles, on sea and land, including as an instructor at the Commando Training Centre assessing the next generation of Royal Marines. After training all over the world becoming skilled in the Arctic, Jungle and Urban Warfare he saw active service in the Middle East, Northern Europe, and the Balkans, seeing the best and worst of humanity.

His past experiences bring a gritty authenticity to his stories which are certainly not for the faint-hearted and he seamlessly weaves his previous military experiences to brings authentic realism to his books.

Available on Amazon and through other stores is his latest book, Next of Kin which is a roller coaster thrill ride about a special forces mission that goes wrong and the fall out on the soldier’s family long afterwards.

Back cover text:
“Iraq 1991, a special forces mission to plant fake weapons of mass destruction goes spectacularly wrong.

Years later, a soldier’s daughter, Rachel is looking forward to leaving Boston and travelling the world, that is until her mother’s car leaves the road and plunges into the icy waters of the Charles River.

With her younger brother missing, swept away by the current, things take a turn for the worse when the hospital refuse to continue treating her mother.

As Rachel desperately searches for medical documents, she discovers a hidden box containing information about an attack on a remote Kurdish village. As she looks into the events of the attack, she is shocked to find that her father may have been there.

Rachel seeks to find out the truth about his involvement, but by the time she realises her mother’s crash was not an accident, everyone she cares about is at risk.

And once she learns what really happened can she make the ultimate decision of who lives and dies?”

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